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How are Division Agents Chosen? || Lore / Story || The Division 2 & Origins: YouTube.

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How are Division Agents Chosen? || Lore / Story || The Division 2 & Origins: YouTube & Wiki.

Agent Origins From Wiki
Tom Clancy's The Division: Agent Origins is a four-part web-series produced by Ubisoft in conjunction with Corbis Entertainment and Corridor Digital to promote their video game Tom Clancy's The Division. The series was also released in a stand-alone short film format.

The stand-alone film version begins with a scene of a couple dumping a body near The North Western Casket Company building. They are spotted by Clip who after questioning them about their contact with the infected, radios in his fellow workers. Unbeknownst to the couple, they are the Cleaners who kill and burn anyone who has been infected.As the New York City breaks down amidst the Green Poison epidemic, a pandemic alert is declared and Directive 51 is issued by President Waller. Secret Strategic Homeland Division agent John leaves to get his SHD gear after learning about the outbreak on the news. The prisoners on Rikers Island meanwhile break out and flee to New York City.At Mia's home, Saj blurts out his conspiracy theory to her and her partner Carter about the government having a contingency plan to deal with a societal breakdown by activating government sleeper agents. Ironically, Saj later turns out to be correct. As they are eating a pizza, a looter barges in after smelling it but is killed by Mia who is activated and told to rendezvous with other agents.It turns out the Rikers have taken hostages after ambushing a Joint Task Force aid camp. Everett stumbles upon a van while he is out looking for supplies. He takes the medical supplies but is stopped by his buddy Michael who later realizes his identity. As he looks for morphine to help decrease the pain for a loved one of Michael, he hands him over the medical supply bag which is stolen by a thief.Everett chases after the thief who is joined by another accomplice during the pursuit. As he catches up to them he realizes they were siblings out looking for medical supplies for their sick mother. After he hands them some antibiotics, he learns that he has been activated and is told to rendezvous with other agents.Daryl while trying to obtain drinking water for dwellers in the building by triggering the sprinkler system, learns that he has been activated. The other dwellers are killed by the Cleaners and he is also ambushed after he retrieves his gear. He is able to kill all the attackers but encounters a Cleaner with a flamethrower.After slashing through his helmet, he pushes the Cleaner into a pile of infected corpses. The other Cleaners reach the spot after Daryl has escaped and burn the infected Cleaner alive. John, Mia, Everett and Daryl later hook up to investigate the JTF camp site.There they are able to eliminate all the Rikers and free the hostages. After witnessing an explosion in the distance, they check their ammo which turns out to be low. A surviving JTF officer hands them over some supplies and sends them on their way.
Episode list



    Matt Lynch as John
    Amanda Day as Mia
    Sasha Andreev as Everret
    Danny Mason as Daryl
    Terra Michilot as "Teenage Girl"
    Jasper Morgan as "Teenage Boy"
    Brook Harris as Michael (credited as NYPD Policeman)
    Helen Chorolec as "Sick Mother"
    Monica Scott as Trisha
    Aundrea Smith as Sarah
    Glenn Ratcliffe as President Waller
    Paul Carpenter as "Chief of Staff"
    Wren Wrenchman, Eli Cuevas, Nick Laurant as "Secret Service Agents"
    Steve Kuza as "News Reporter"
    Punnavit Koy,

Tyler Evans,

Scott Brault,

Kim Derider,

Dan Delano,

Andy Morgan,

Matt Mavarro,

Josh Johnson,

Donald Bunnell,

Lee Fealy,

Collin Cooper,

Devin Lundeen,

Jake Watson as "Riker Escapees"
    Gregory Lundeen and Ernie Ellis as "Rikers Guards"
    Nick Hansen as Daniel (credited as mourner)
    Larissa Gritti as Sarah (credited as mourner)
    H. T. Altman as Clip
    Alex Barbatsis and Derrick Nguyen as "Dwellers"
    Rhett Renolds and Joseph Munsinger as "Flame Cleaners"
    Andy Morgan, Jon Enge and Jake Watson as Cleaners
    Fred Wilzlo, Peter Park, Dan Larson, Carlos Espinoza, Nate Elliot as "JTF Guards"
    Max Sjoberg, Laura Erdman-Luntz, Zach Erdman-Luntz and Rachel Harder as "Hostages"

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