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CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. has acquired TheDivisionForums!


Staff member
Hello, ladies, and gentlemen. My name is Carlos Morales, founder and C.E.O. at CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. I have recently purchased TheDivisionForums.com! I've been eying the site for years, going all the way to when the site launched. When The Division was booming, lively with new questions, comments,. etc. I was looking at the site, and I thought "I want this site." When @g1nt3r put up the notice, that he shut down the forums... I quickly acted. I quickly rushed to contacting Bobby.

The intense talks started as early as July 21st, 2020. I contacted Bobby on Twitter on July 4th, 2020 (Independence Day!)

I attempted the import to xenForo 2.1 myself, but I came to an error (a bug on IPB's part, according to XF devs), I even had to contact the host on some support on importing the actual database into my server (again, IPB quirks). I enlisted the services of someone I knew that could convert the entire IPB 4.4.4 database without worry. That change is what you see now. Welcome to xenForo!

For the most part, everything has been imported. Intact. If you see issues with login, your account, or whatever... Please use the feedback thread here.

What changed? Nothing. Really. Just forum organization. It was a MESS when I saw the forums. I cleaned it up.

- Strategies has been moved to "Content Bunker."
- Looking for Clan/Group is now in "Clan Recruitment"
- All "Agent Made Content" threads have been merged into a forum with the same name. No confusion from here on out.
- All "Agent to Agent Support" threads have been merged into a forum with the same name. No confusion from here on out.
- I'm not sure what #TwitchTheDivision is for, but I'll speak to Bobby about that.
- "No Rules Forum" is still visible, but I've retired it, and will no longer be used. Absolutely no spam. Sorry.
- If a thread is locked, that means that particular thread is old. This helps me understand "it's an old thread." You'll see why soon in the Clan Recruitment forum soon. [Rules are up.]

I'm excited to meet you all in the new TheDivisionForums. Excuse the dust while I settle into everything. Thanks!

About CarlosX360 Co. Ltd:
CarlosX360 is a global gaming network of brands and products delivering content to gamers worldwide. It is an incorporated company based in Northern California that intends to be an global entertainment corporation. CarlosX360 delivers content to PS3, PS4, PS5, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X gamers worldwide at www.destroyrepeat.com To learn more about CarlosX360 visit its corporate home at www.carlosx360.com