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How did you get this back?? Who bought it?

I did.
Carlos operates the forums now, he was gracious enough to add it to his awesome community of forums.

Joker is calling me liar and  troll. I find that very insulting. Because he doesn't think I got the Warlords of New York for free on Xbox One S. But I did get it for free & he doesn't believe me. He's just mad because I got it for free & he didn't and I find that to be a little unfair on his comments and very,very insulting to me as 63 year old adult. I want him to apologize for his comments to me I'm not lying & I'm MAD tell him to stop !! Thank You.

Here's the Link I'm talking about:

You are obviously just lying and trolling now. You did not get it for free. It was not part of the season pass from last year. 

The only way anyone is playing it on Xbox is if they bought the Warlords of New York Expansion. Period. Anything else is just utter bullshit.

Not sure how this works ?? Can some one please help me I need a clan on ps4 to run the raid I am running unbreakable and patience 300k + armor and 100k + health with Gunner user name robace1234 ill be on after 4 pm and on till 10 tonight and almost every nite