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World Tier 5 - How you finding it.

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So I have moved up to World Tier 5.  

Tidal basin solo was not too hard.  easier than challenging missions although the last boss was a spongy as hell.

The mag nerf has hit hard.  Lost 20 bullets per mag for the AR.  That makes a big difference.  I would rather have the 30 with the negative than just 10.

Gearing up seems to be slower which is probably a good thing.  Have not seen any 460+ pieces drop yet and have done 3 missions plus random encounters.

How are you all finding it, those who moved up to WT-5 ?.



Community Agent
I just did the new side mission and Tidal Basin before going to work this morning, think I may have joined half way through.  New mechanics were kinda fun, just something different, mostly.  Agreed, that final boss is spongy as hell.  Got 2 masks from 2 of the gear sets to drop for me off the boss, still only 450 level drops, but that's prolly cuz I stopped once I reached WT-5, so hadn't really gone into it much after that. Not sure, will see when I get home and spend all weekend on it.  Really excited to take on the heroic mode missions.

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Underground, overground, wombling free
Well at GS 460 challenging is really pretty challenging.  Dying a lot and so are the other members.

TBH the invasion missions and strongholds were a lot easier.

Been grinding most the day and the loot is pretty poor.  Higher GS but stats are lower than my GS450's.

Have 4 pieces of two gear sets but the levels are pretty low so gone past their usefulness already.  they do not seem worth if unless you have 5 or 6 pieces.  Until then golds with talents seem stronger at this point.

Found some bugs.  A ladder that locks up your agent so you cant move and have to force quit the game. and a couple of times I have got stuck locked in cover mode and cant roll or move off the cover.

The anti chicken dance changes are also very frustrating.  So slow turning to the point of not registering a lot of the time.  Try to roll away from the bad guys fast when on cover and it then moves towards them etc.

WT-5 is currently quite frustrating.

Seen people running around with GS499.  Encountered one person running the Patriot set.  Didn't do us much good in Washington hotel though.

I am fine with the glow GS move upwards but the enemies are one set level regardless of your GS.  They are scaled to the WT.   Guess I may need to move back down to hard until I GS up a bit.

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I'm kinda pissed. They have ruined the signature weapon arc and taken the fun out of it. Now you get only 1 ammo per drop (instead of 2) and your inventory goes away if you die or log out (which I'm pretty sure wasn't the case before the new update). Plus, the drops are happening far less often now. What the hell!... 

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I'm kinda pissed. They have ruined the signature weapon arc and taken the fun out of it. Now you get only 1 ammo per drop (instead of 2) and your inventory goes away if you die or log out (which I'm pretty sure wasn't the case before the new update). Plus, the drops are happening far less often now. What the hell!... 
You've always lost your signature ammo after logging out. That hasn't changed. 

They have tinkered with the way drops of signature ammo occur...resulting in pretty much no one getting many at all! From reading though they're well aware of it and working on resolving it. To be honest though the signature weapons are so situational and take so long to change over too that now I've reached GS450+ I'm only using mine to take armour down on the occassional Elite...even then with max damage on the table it doesn't do it (maybe takes 40% of armour).

IMO the signature weapon ammo needs to be RARE, but...they need to be hugely powerful. I'm talking Heavy using sledgehammer powerful. 

End Boss Elite - I expect my explosive crossbow bolt to remove ALL his armour, end of. Currently this isn't the case. Hope it changes.



Underground, overground, wombling free
I would be a bit more cautious although I do agree it should be more powerful.  The current drop rate is better if the power is there.  1/5 of the bosses armour per shot would be good as anything less then a single shot from each team member and the boss is dead.  Leaving 1/5 armour is not so tough.

I fired 4 grenades which hit at the sledge guy and didn't even break his armour.

I now don't bother with it anymore.

You can refill ammo on login by changing specialisations and then you can always change back again in the Whitehouse from what I understand.



Community Elite
World Tier 5...

I have two clan-mates that were WT5 while I was WT4 and so I got alot of 490+ drops from them.  So my solo of Tidal Basin to WT5 was very long but not essentially hard.  At the final encounter, I died a few times and failed once (I did not know the actual launchers had two control boxes).  But that is OK, great Sunday afternoon.

Now that I am at WT5, starting with a GS of 491 (496 now).  I find the gear drops to be OK.  I am getting at least one 490+ per control point and one every third or so random encounter.  I have no WT5 gear set pieces.

I have taken back a few control points.  It seems about the same at WT1, not hard, but requires planning and friendlies.  I look forward to raising the threat levels and seeing if those are solo'able.  Fun stuff...

I have also taken a couple of bounties (one without realizing it lol).  Those are either really easy or I get surrounded and die...  

On special ammo - I agree the power level is way low for soloing.  I also agree that a team of 4 snipers would level just about every boss I have encountered so far.  But the rareness of ammo is very frustrating and loosing the ammo even more frustrating.  This needs to change again.  Before the patch, lots of special ammo so if you needed 5 sniper rounds to take down a bosses armor, that was OK as the next encounter you'd get more.  But, I have found it more effective to have 2 team members have +20% damage to armor on LMG with 100 rounds of ammo than trying to get head shots with a special sniper.   So the special sniper is fun, but not that useful.

All in all, I am having a gassss.  I have only been in WT5 solo for about 2 hours, so this week will be interesting.  As I am at WT5, my plan now is to start min/max'ing the gear.  If I happen to get gear set items, OK, but want to play without those for a while to work that system - just as I did before gear sets in TD1.




Community Veteran
Only thing I don't like is the special ammo drops. I have played through all the invasion missions and the strongholds that were open to me in WT5. I saw 1 drop. That was it.

I'm fine with the special weapons being not so powerful. If they were too strong (and we got ammo at a decent rate), groups could melt bosses way too easily. 

I always used the grenade launcher more for crowds than taking out elites and bosses. 

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