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What the hell is going on here? Weapon DPS change?

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 I created a new Vector and it proceeded to tell me it had vastly superior DPS.  However once i equipped it, the DPS went down over 10,000 DPS... however when i select my old Vector.. the higher DPS shows up for not only that gun but all guns..

whats going on?



The Rogue Mod
the dps numbers the game comes up with are buggy and wrong to begin with. Just push stats on each weapon that it naturally wants (crit chance/damage on smg/AR, headshot on snipers and every other weapon really, etc). You're better off to work out what the average hit of the weapon is during runs, then calculate a "per mag" damage score. Far more reliable on small mag weps that drain quickly.

Like this:

vector hits npcs for between 10k and 50k. 30k average per bullet.

crit chance higher than 50%? new average 35k. Lower than 50%? new average 25k. (can also be skewed for headshot damage and your own talent at hitting headshots if you wish, just more estimation)

35 round magazine  - 1.225 mil per mag high end, 875k low end, both assuming all rounds hit the target, varying with shot placement and crit procs.

not deadly accurate, but far better than the games estimate of 175k dps (the vector only fires for around 3 seconds continuously before needing a reload, so the per mag according to the game should be 525k, ridiculously low)


Wicked Misfit

New member
Yesterday my DPS glitched out amongst a ton of other issues. I lost a few high end weapons, my guns kept unequipping mods, my DPS was bouncing up and down every few seconds 20k-40k points and I kept falling through the ground in challenge mode missions. Hopefully the patch last night fixed at least some of these issues. 

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