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The Summit


Community Elite
OK, everyone knows The Summit is broken - the first 30 floors are useless and boring, and if you are anywhere near end-game move that bar to 50 or 60.

The idea is pretty cool, just fight - no story, no easter eggs, no fluff - just fight. With the really confined space, forget anything with range that takes time to use (so long marksman, signature) - look at SMG, Shotguns and ARs to be king. Also, skills are really good as any area damage potentially gets a bunch of bad guys. I really like the -uh- un-wave approach to a lot of encounters, where NPCs randomly join the fight - much more interesting when you don't know a wave/stage is over.

I also like/hate the floor approach. I really like a stage being a floor, but hate the floor level not changing when you go up/down during a stage, very unrealistic - but hey I will get over it. I like, in general the layouts, but - hate the receptiveness. In my real life I have been to dozens of high-rises and the variety of a single building is much larger than what is provided in The Summit. But there is plenty of cover and other obstacles to make the fire-fights fun.


The loot is abysmal (I will add a post about loot later). You get maybe 7-9 pieces per 10 floors even on Heroic and most only come via the loot-box every third floor. The quality is staggeringly bad with most attributes at 60% or less. Even some purple drops - come on, it's Heroic, nothing should be purple.

I had not noticed it before but every door that is a separator between stages is EXACTLY the same - as we saw fewer in the main game this was not that noticeable, but in The Summit - its very evident. That also goes for alot of the props as well, like the couch with the heart drawn in the dust. Come on - it should not be that hard to have at least a couple dozen variants of, well, everything.

Now, I do like the premise of The Summit and I think the upcoming changes will help. But for now - it's just another part of the game I choose to not play.

What do you think about The Summit?