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The Division 2: How to Use the Level 30 Character Boost:from GameRant.com

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The Division 2: How to Use the Level 30 Character Boost:from GameRant.com

by Mina Smith – on Feb 13, 2020 in Gaming News, Strategy Guides


Along with the update 1.16 on February 12th, The Division 2 added some in-game bonuses for everyone who preordered the DLC. The bonuses are included only if players preorder before April 3, and it includes a level 40 shotgun, an NYC police uniform outfit, and a level 30 boost. But when access to the preorder bonuses went live on the 12th, some players had a hard time figuring out how to get the level 30 boost to work.

The Level 30 Boost

In the upcoming expansion DLC Warlords of New York, the level cap will rise to level 40. The boost will bring new or old characters up to the current level cap to help them catch up. This level boost will help players who are moving consoles, getting the game for the first time, or just want to start over without having to grind levels before the DLC drops. With the game nearly free right now, the Division 2 is only about $3 on all consoles and PC, there will be a ton of new players who will find this boost helpful.

How to Get the Boost

Getting the boost on a character is not exactly intuitive. The instructions are a little ambiguous, but there are two ways to boost a character to 30. If a character already exists in the game, players will need to boost their character from the store. First, open The Division 2 on whatever system that the DLC has been purchased for. Next, go to the in-game store, and look at the content purchased for the game– it will look slightly different depending on what system players are using. If players have preordered the DLC, there should be a boost button for existing characters there.

For more information on this topic go to this Link or Website here: https://gamerant.com/division-2-level-30-boost/

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