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Story speculations (possible spoilers)

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I read the story of Operation Dark Winter which the story in The Division is based on. 

The results of this scenario made the president at the time, George W. Bush sign Directive 51, which according to this article would give the President absolute and full power.

A way to gain dictatorship, as the article says.

I have been speculating that the story in The Division could be that the president, with the help of the professor shown in the beta, released the smallpox virus on the american people to gain absolute power. 

What are your theories on the story?



Death Otter
if he did that then wouldn't he of shot himself in the foot by signing directive 51? Creating a group of sleepers that will end up fighting to stop him?


sno pro23

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This theory would really give the story some pop though, with a very strong motivation to fight for the cause.

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