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Rogue - Story Mode idea for Div-3

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Dwarven Lord Under The Mountain
My own idea for expanded Rogue element for a future game by the way, early I know to think of the potential of the next game but:

Rogues could have their own entrances/exits from a DZ. This gives the option to permenantly stay Rogue

...however... the game flips for you in the LZ. Exit the DZ as a Rogue and not only are the enemy factions your enemies, so are the former friendly ones, Safe Houses are different for you, they're in different locations, different NPC's....its a whole SECOND storyline that you CHOOSE to start by going Rogue. This gives you a Light Zone difficulty plus plus option! 

You start the story, not from the start, but from the eyes of the disenfranchised. You exit into a new world where 90% of those around you are enemies on sight ... all the factions hate you, Rioters target you, Police and military shoot on site, its only a select mixed handful of Rogue Agents, Fences out for fast money and displaced fools who are willing to help you. "Safe houses" will be far fewer as you move through this new story, a story utterly different. Gone are ideas of liberating besieged areas of the city, replaced by missions to storm Division held safe zones to steal or hack, or infiltrate faction held HQ's to plant bombs or even infection! 

Guiding you on the journey a mysterious voice, new on your comms, giving you the strategy, some new equipment and skills until the REAL End Game.....

Ambitious perhaps but in two years/three years time, completely possible and it would be ground breaking! Who hasn't wanted to play a story from the "bad guys" point of view??

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