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Rage 1 had walking turrets.....Why can't The Division 2 have them for each agent.

Malcolm Kocinski

Community Elite
Rage 1 had walking Spider turrets.....Why can't The Division 2 have them for your agent.  As seen here:


Instead of the turrets we have now. I would like to see them in a new DLC for The Division 2.

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Instead of the mini-gun, lets have a turret specialization with the DOG!

Would be really fun.  And as you put more resources into it, it would be more autonomous.  Just bad ass.



Malcolm Kocinski

Community Elite
I notice how many views this topic has 657 views. Now that's a lot of views on this topic !!!  When I'm in Bethesda.net forums I might get a little over 400 views there on most of my topics . It amazing on how many I get here. Thanks guys & gals !!!


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