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Okay guys, I need to be caught up on the state of the game.

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Okay, so I stopped playing after I hit level 30 and exhausted all the content back in April. Now that I see the Underground DLC is here, I purchased it and now I've started to play again (although I haven't touched the DLC yet). It seems they've made plenty of updates, including 3 Incursions. I have a few questions that I'd like answered if you guys could help me out (some of these I just never figured out in the first place playing the game lol).

- How do I get new high-end blueprints?

- Is the vector still the best gun in the game?

- What is the best marksman's rifle?

- What is the amount of DPS and Health an average player should have at this point?

- Besides Incursions and HVT, what else have they put in?

- What GS would you recommend having going into your first Incursion? How much DPS or health? 

- Which Incursion should I do first?

Any other information you could share would be helpful! Thank you!



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High end blueprints can be purchased from some vendors in the DZ and from the blueprint vendor in the Terminal (new "basement" to the BoO

No, Vector has been nerfed a couple of times with specific nerfs for the Vector and nerfs for SMGs.  Many people like the AUG  and G36 (despite recent nerfs), they would probably be the meta non-sniper. 

The new Dragonov seems to be piquing interest, I think the tried and true M1A is still the most popular.  

I'm on PS4 and don't have Underground yet, but both of my characters have around 150-160k DPS and 400-430k toughness.  DPS has become kind of a garbage stat and you really have to look at base DMG, talents, additional weapon bonuses.  My alt had DPS between 95-100k with about 430k toughness and was holding her own, whereas my main had DPS around 130-140k with about 420k toughness and was doing the same. 

Some quick new things are there's 13 (?) gear sets, added search and destroy to get Intel for HVT, added a stash to the DZ checkpoints (not safe houses), all PvE NPCs are now lvl 30 (once you hit 30), DZ has supply drops and if you or your team open them you get gear that doesn't need to be extracted, there's now 2 additional DZ gear brackets 201+ and 231+.   That's a quick list, hit up Google and search for 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and Underground patch notes for more info.  

GS is really an arbritary number (unlike Destiny's light level) so as long as you meet the minimum required by the incursion, you should be good if you can hold your own in missions.  Depending on your role in your group will determine what you should have for DPS and toughness.  

Again, I don't have Undergorund so I haven't played the 3rd incursion, but I'm not a huge fan of any of them.  I plan to try and clear them all once, probably on all difficulties, for posterity's sake, but I don't feel the reward is worth the time.  Others will argue the opposite in that you can run them multiple times and get the drops multiple times (excluding the weekly rewards), but I find them cumbersome and not as fun as weekly and daily missions, HVT or DZ.  That being said, try Clear Sky first, from what I know of the first two and have heard about the 3rd, I think you'll find it the least tedious. 

Hope this helps.  If I think of anything else I'll try to remember to add to the thread.  



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Just to add to the great update from DSP above:

Search & Destroy missions and HVT’s are a great way to start in the new content. HVT gear set drops are weighted towards Lone Star gear set but that actually comes in helpful when you do Underground missions with “Waste-Not-Want-Not” directives.

Another significant update is that fire … HURTS!! Cleaner flamers do significant damage so plenty of people are moving to boost exotic damage resistance.

Incursions – Perhaps I would suggest Clear Sky first (the one to the North), tactics for it involve more movement and its generally a well balanced (less frustrating) Incursion. Falcon Lost has a long established tactic for…but it makes it a pretty long and boring Incursion to play through unfortunately.

Dragons Nest …. Its flames, its explosions, it’s pretty fun. I’ve been in some groups that worked with a defensive tactic based on Falcon Lost but it doesn’t really work unless you’re very disciplined due to how enemy spawns work during the first main stage (hint: don’t kill the bosses!). Build wise, exotic damage resistance is needed if you can bring it but you get pretty much the whole Cleaner/Rioter mix thrown at you including new items you don’t see anywhere else.

Underground – simply put its brilliant! Once you can get Directives to add or join a group running with them it becomes a wholly new experience and I’m loving it.

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