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Ogre has been Activated!


New member
          Hello fellow Division Agents!  I go by Ogre, OgreMeat, Ogre Meat.  My Uplay ID is WOLVES_Ogre for anyone who cares to add me on the PC platform.  I am 33, and from Canada.  Uhmm... recently bought another rig so I can run the game better and so my boys (and wife) can play too... otherwise they would never see me again!  LOL!  I also purchased a SteelSeries Sentry eye tracker.  I am looking forward to utilizing it in the Division.

          I have been obsessing about this game for years, and am happy that it is right around the corner.  My friend's and I have a unit already put together, that we lovingly dubbed WOLVES.  Seemed to fit, given that we are from rural SE Ontario.  Lots of them around here.  Our motto is "MEDIUM ET VITIOSUS IEIUNIUM ET CALLIDUS", which translates to "Mean and Vicious.  Fast and Clever... though it only seems to Google translate properly if in all lower case?  Latin... can't say I took it in school.  Anyway... it's a line from the Motorhead Song "In The Year of The Wolf" (RIP Lemmy).  Video (lyrics in description) posted below for anyone who is a fellow Motorhead fan!

          Our website (which we just changed hosting last night so it's down temporarily) is http://shdwolves.com  come and check it out!  Anyone interested in joining up with us is welcome to sign up on the site.  It is fully integrated with most Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+... barring a few adjustments still in the works).  Profiles with your own wall profile pic and cover photo, Forums and Private Groups for different Fire Teams.. lots of social goodness like stuff!  Excited to get the final touches done on it anyway!

          I think that's probably way more information than anyone wants to know, but there you have it!  Looking forward to meeting some PC players, and hope to see you in New York!  Over and Out!

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And the wolf found its real pack and ranks! All of the glorious and warmest welcomes! Let your stride be silent, and annihilation furious as the fires of the phoenix!



Police dude
Hey Ogre,

Your website isn't to shabby. UNLESS you didn't code it yourself, then shame on you!

Welcome to the forums!

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