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New to Forum Builds

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I have been playing this game for a few months now, I liked the DZ but tired of getting one shotted by rogues, but also I am so tired of not being able to do the hard and challenging missions to get better stuff. I usually run in a 2 person group as other people cant be trusted in the DZ and other people just seem angry all the time. I would like to see the BEST builds for Tank, DPS, and Medic. The player I group with is usually a healer but likes to do damage as well. I would like to see builds for both PvE and the DZ as it seems like these are completely different. I would appreciate screenshops please. Also if you are on PS4 and looking to play you can look me up. I usually play with my wife and we have a lot of fun, but the incursions and such are so damn difficult that it is taking the fun out of the game cause we cant seem to get better stuff. My screen name is chaos3328 and we usually play in the evenings. I appreciate any help you are willing to share



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I would check out this thread on various builds in for this forum:


There's a lot of good info there and lots of good discussions that would help you out with various builds.  You should also check out some of the guys that post up help vids on YouTube like Arreks and Skill Up.  

Lastly, one of the best ways to LFG is to join the various Discord servers that are out there for the game.   This forum, Rogue Agent Radio (RAR) and Dark Zone Report (DZR) all have Discord servers and portions of those servers are smart aside for each platform.  There's tons of great people on there and you should have an easy time picking up 1-2 players to make a regular group to run whatever with.  

To help get you started, I'll post up some info on my two toons in separate threads after this one so you can see what I run on PS4 (PSN ID: DeadSockPuppet).



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Primary toon:
Firearms - 2706
-Primary DPS - 156k
-Secondary DPS - 148k
-Sidearm DPS - 141k

Stamina - 3777
-Toughness - 470k
-HP - 117k
-Armor - 5812
-Health Regen - 5885
-Mitigation - 75%
-Prot. Elites - 0%
-DR - 0%
-EDR - 50%
-Bleed/blind/burn/disorient/disrupt/shock - 0%/27%/0%/26%/29%/0%

Electronics - 1176
-Skill Points - 13k

Gear Set Current:
Final Measure x2
 +50% exotic damage resilience 
Lone Star X1 (might have changed this out, I don't rememeber)
Refreshed mask
 Healing improved by 30% when in last    
AlphaBridge x2
 +2 med kit capacity

Current Weaps:
204 AUG - self-preserved/stable/deadly
204 M60 - balanced/swift/brutal
204 LVOA-C - swift/deadly/fierce
204 Tactical MK 16 - vicious/brutal/destructive

Goal: get to 2x FM and 4x AB and then run thr Tach MK16 backed by the LVOA-C.  Having a MK16 with swift/deadly/fierce/vicious/brutal/destructive will be pretty sweet. 



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Secondary toon:
Firearms - 2862
-Primary DPS - 110k
-Secondary DPS - 163k
-Sidearm DPS - 71k

Stamina - 3467
-Toughness - 424k
-HP - 106k
-Armor - 5464
-Health Regen - 5301
-Mitigation - 75%
-Prot. Elites - 11%
-DR - 0%
-EDR - 13%
-Bleed/blind/burn/disorient/disrupt/shock - 0%/28%/27%/0%/25%/0%

Electronics - 1409
-Skill Points - 18.2k

Gear Set Current:
Lone Star x4
 +100% ammo capacity
 +1k LMG & shotty DMG
 Auto-reload on weapon swap
229 HE chest w/ vigorous (all heal skills give overheal)
229 HE holster w/ sturdy (+12.5% armor when in same cover 10 sec)

Current Weaps:
229 M870 - self-preserved/vicious/sustained
229 SASG-12 - meticulous/responsive/deadly
229 BM RPK-74 E - swift/sustained/stable
229 SRS A1 - accurate/destructive/stable
182 Dbl Barrel Sawed Off - destructive/accurate/vicious

Goal: This toon is pretty much set the way I want her, aside from getting her gear to 268, her double barrel sawed off to 229, and a Showstopper for shits and giggles.  This toon is a shotty rusher (like the NPCs) and runs the 870 as primary for its stopping power of like 110k DMG per shot and backs that up with "The Sausage" for speed and the dbl barrel for fun.  

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