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New Terrain Images

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Underground, overground, wombling free
Map is currently 8129x8129 res (blame UE4 for unusual dimensions).

Made in CryEngine --> World Machine --> UE4

Was just playing around in CryEngine and then imported to World Machine and it came out quite nice.  The World Machine build alone took around 3 hours at this resolution.

Lots of work on fine tuning the landscape and textures etc still to do but at least I have a starting point to get going from now.

The water is just a water plane.  UE4 has no water setups.  I will need to buy or build solutions.  Ocean wave solutions are available to buy but no real good beach waves / foam available yet for this scale.  Engineering this will be a very big task with lots of heavy maths.

  • The Gateway Island - Entry point to the game. The black dot near the light coloured batch between the two halves is the rock in the next pic.
Gateway Island (Medium).png

  • Gateway island almost at ground level (sense of size).
Gateway Island close (Medium).png

  • Looking from Gateway Island to the main island 1
Main Island 1 (Medium).png

  • Looking from Gateway Island to the main island 2
Main Island 2 (Medium).png

  • Full map.
Total Map (Medium).png

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