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Missing Bug On Patch Notes: Bullet Register


New member
The patch notes for the bug fixes for the 19.2 Update failed to include one of the biggest and most problematic bug in the game:
- Bullets failing to register

This has been an ongoing issue for multiple patches now.
It's most noticeable as a marksman with any exotic or marksman rifle.

This bug happens on any ISP with or without the NAT turned on.
Basically bullets are passing right through enemies even on perfect shots.

You can have the full build up of power from the damage bonuses: Headache, Perfect Headhunter, Perfect Concussion, Determined and the bullet will just pass right through their chest allowing them to reach you and wreak havoc particularly on challenging and heroic/legendary situations this is extremely frustrating!

We need an answer on this please because this has gone on far too long.