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Loot - the good, the bad, and the ugly


Community Elite
There are alot of youtubers that have posted videos on how bad the loot is, but I wanted to start a discussion of loot in general and how difficulty impacts what drops. So here goes -

First, I agree with alot of other things you can watch/read that loot access is fundamentally broken in TD2 today (TU11).

My reasoning is multi-fold: (note: as of this writing I only have 650 hours in game and can play at the Legendary level)
  • With TU11 the quantity of loot has decreased. This has several effects/impacts
    • There is less loot to cash-in. So credits are fewer and purchasing things at lower levels becomes very hard. (I still love the 1to30 game!)
    • There are fewer options provided. This impacts the ability to create or experiment with builds. You really don't want to use the calibration table to experiment as that locks you in to only being able to change that attribute - not knowing when/if you can replace that item.
    • With the lower quantity, there is a lack of diversity. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to get an upgrade to a specific piece - as example I would like better rolls on my system corruption mask and holster - BUT - I have yet, after weeks, to get any duplicates, none, nada, zero.
  • With TU11 the quality of loot seems to have decreased. Yeah, I know what the state of the game said...
    • To date with TU11, I have received only 3 god-rolled items for loot. Now I have a couple of dozen, but those drops simply vanished with TU11.
    • Rainbow - TU11 was supposed to address Rainbow rolls (red/blue/and yellow attributes on single item). While I did notice it before, it seems the fix made it worse. I get at least 40% rainbow rolls - which in most cases are totally useless.
    • Talent mismatch is another thing I really started noticing with TU11, like a range talent on SMG, a skill talent on gear that is all red. Yes you can change that but why would that ever be built?
  • The variety of loot seems lower. That is even though I can go farm shotguns, the variety of shotguns that drop seems limited.
    • As example the targeted loot roll at the time of pickup seems screwed offering the same over and over again. I once got a bunch of 870 shotguns along with a few others. The distribution seems off.
    • Targeted loot also seems to be much more impacted by the quality issues noted above. For me the random loot is almost always a better quality piece than the targeted loot.
  • Loot based on difficulty
    • Quality of drops doesn't seem to vary enough based on difficulty. I see the same quality from Challenging on up. There needs to be a reason to move up in difficulty - for a looter shooter, that is quality of loot.
    • Quantity of drops seem to go down with difficulty - Challenging, 4 person squads seem to get 20+ drops for a main mission. Legendary seem to get a dozen or so.
So TU11.1 is supposed to continue to address loot - and this is a looter-shooter!
  • I like the idea of selecting targeted loot. But the Devs went further and are allowing the granularity to include gearset manufacturer - oh baby!
  • I hope the quantity resumes pre-TU11 levels. Besides the selling above, we also need to deconstruct for donations/calibration.
  • Rainbow rolls need to completely disappear. The variances need to be based, in game world, on what would be really used. Keep the effectiveness random with lower limits based on difficulty (if you are doing Legendary - the lower limit should be 90%).
  • Weapons need to have appropriate talents - and those talents need to be the separator on why you use that weapon type. This is a very hard ask - not sure how it would be implemented.
I really am back in to playing this game almost exclusively. I hope the upcoming changes to not push me away again.

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