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How to Build?

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I am going to scroll through the many pages of the character builds... but what tips / tricks do you guys have? I am over 200gs. All of my gear is 214 gear sets. The only 204 weapon I have is the Vector that was on sale last week, otherwise it is 182 or 163 gear. But my toughness and DPS still seems so low compared to you guys that list yours. Did some guy say his was 300k Toughness? that is insane.

I need to recheck but I feel like my DPS is mostly around 150k and my toughness is maybe 130-150 while my Special is only in the 20 or 30k area. Right now most of my gear sets are Striker

My biggest gripe with the game is how DZ is hardly a shootout... it seems to always be one side getting rolled or not so trying to remove that as a s complaint :)



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If you can post a picture of your gear then we could probably help you out mate, I have 366k toughness and a dps of 180k with an Aug.



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It is possible.  Right now I have the AUG as my primary and I'm at 240K DPS,  390K toughness and 11K skill.  .  I'm running 3 striker, 2 sentry, and savage gloves.  The gloves are 204GS.  Everything elses is 214 with the exception of a 240 GS striker pack.  I'm going home for lunch in about ten minutes.  I'll take some screenshots and post them up so you can take a look and get some ideas.

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I'll try to get one tonight but definitely one tomorrow night.

Primary Weapon the 204 Vektor from last week

Secondary weapon: Either my 163 First Wave M1A or my 182 Coduceus (however you say it... just started playing around with this one instead of my BM-AK

All gear sets are 214... I think I have a Hunters Faith (only green chest I have), Striker Gloves, pads, holster and mask, Tacticians backpack. Soemthing along those lines. Anything specific I should try to grab a pic of or just the gear screen?



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It came with two mod slots.  I recalibrated to add the armor.  Every piece I have has been recalibrated to some extent.  There is still room for improvement.  Obviously getting these pieces in 240 gs would boost the numbers but to get the same stats may take a lot of luck.  Also my mods could use a lot of work.  I have mostly advanced mods.  Working towards getting lvl 32 mods all around.  I'm at 75% armor currently so I'd like to get some more crit chance on my active stamina mods.  My weapon mods could use some work as well.  

I'm finding the only drawback to the new loot system is not as many tools and electronics for crafting materials.  Its all weapons and fabric.



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Nice stuff... hopefully I can check mine tonight. So early on... when re calibrating, what did you shoot for? All damage mitigation?



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IMO you can probably cut some DPS off. And also it's essential to run 2P final measure if you're in the DZ. the 50% damage res is huge, I'm running 4 sentry & 2 final measure. It's nice because I can mark enemies in PVE for my team.



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Would highlight your gloves and holster need to be replaced. The gloves can be vastly improved by replacing them with gloves that contain +Crit Hit Damage and + Crit Hit Chance and the last is your choice I opt for + Damage to Elites. As your current gloves have nothing to do with your set then swapping them out shouldn't be too much trouble. 

Your holster only contains stat boosts to firearms and electronics. The holster is one piece of Armor that can contain all 3 stat boosts. You should look for a new holster that contains boosts to all 3. 

Next up would be to go to your character tab and find survivability look for your Armor rating and what your damage mitigation % is. The highest it can be is 75% so getting up as close to that is possible. You can do this by recalibrating your gear to include + Armor boosts or to fit gear mods that boost Armor. I would suggest stamina mods with + Armor to vastly improve your toughness.

as for your 204 vector SMG. You should improve your attachments you have fitted. They should all be high end, I see one purple in there. I would suggest an extended mag with + clip size and + Rate of fire or if you find the fire rate too much put either + weapon damage or crit damage. Your sight should have + headshot damage. I also would recommend a muzzle break or flash hider for your barrel mod that has + Crit hit damage.

these are just my opinions on what could be improved on. Hope it helps



Community Veteran
Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I'll take a look at my mitigation tonight and focus on a stamina/armor mod. Just seems like such a huge difference of 150k/115k all the way to 240k/390k. I expected to see a bunch of 240 gear but it is still most 214.

I don't think I got a single Final Measure drop. I'll see about buying two of them.



Community Veteran
The crit chance and crit damage stats are huge for boosting your DPS.  If you look at my raw numbers I have stamina much higher than DPS.  The crit chance and damage stats are what gets my DPS up higher.  Getting your armor mit. up to 75% goes a LONG way towards boosting your toughness.  I agree with the earlier post about your gloves and holster.  I would make a point of purchasing at least the 182 GS stamina gloves blueprint from the BoO or if you have the DZ rank and the cash then the 204 stamina gloves blueprint from the DZ 2 safehouse.  Craft them as many times as you need to until you get at the minimum the savage talent and ideally with crit chance, crit damage, and your weapon of choice damage.  Even if you get two of the three you can recalibrate for the third.  This will be a major boost to your DPS.  Once I got my armor mit. to 75% I then started looking for Stamina mods that contained the +1.5% crit hit chance. These give you the extra stamina with a little boost to DPS as well.  Also your weapons mods should all focus on Crit hit damge and chance as was already stated.  You'll get there, you just have to be patient and you'll start piecing together some good gear.  Running with friends is huge because you can trade your gear after a mission or the DZ.  Randoms are less apt to stand around and share gear.



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You also don't have to be the best player in the world.  I by no means am even close.  I got to where I'm at now just by grinding it out and trial and error.  I never glitched FL to get gear.  As a matter of fact, I still have never beaten FL on challenging mode.  I didn't have any 240 gear before the update.  If you can run with people who are further along with their builds you can usually get better gear as well.  For example, I am to the point where I am looking for some pretty specific pieces of gear for my build.  That means 95% of what I get I make available to my squad mates after a mission.  I end up dropping just about everything at my feet.  



Community Veteran
Thanks, Shoot. Most what I am piecing together is start fresh and take a look at what I can do with what I have to put a focus on Damage Mitigation, then Stamina, then + Crit Chance and + Crit Damage. and to work at finding replacements for my gloves and holster that can hopefully fill a need there (preferably Final Measure)



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When you guys talk damage mitigation... you mean the Exotic Damage Resilience, right?
I think he means armor mitigation.  If you go over to your character and scroll down to survivability it will show you what your armor mitigation is.  It maxes out at 75%



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Ok... he also mention the gear set and I know that is 50% exotic resilience. So it is more the +armor that effects that? Cool. Just if I am tearing down my Lego's and rebuilding, want to start right this next time :)

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