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High GS Very bad stas - Help Please

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Hi. I have all 268 gear sets & 229 weapons but no matter what I do I have awful stats. GS=251

I had better stats if I recall when I had 240 gear & 204 weapons

I have most of the 268 gearsets except Tactician & Sentry running mix of lonestar & alpha

DPS=146 Tough=195 Skills=29k skills is high as I've been farming dragons nest.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.



Stream Machine
Post up what weapons your using (all 3 and the stats: DPS, DMG, talents & skills needed to unlock the talents, and the weapon bonus), post up your gear pieces (all 6 and all the stats: AR, all skills on them, what set type they are) also list from your Survivability your HP, armor, health regen, exotic damage resistance, and all of your other resistance and and we'll see if we can offer some suggestions. 


Oh. daesu

agent provocateur
Also, have you recalibrate your gear. Doesn't help with the attributes or armour but sometimes (i.e a lot) the high gs has crappy rolls.



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Thanks so much both for the response below are my details sorry for the messiness.

Ive tried re rolling but this is the best I could get (wepons not gear)

161,233 dps (4170 firearms) 208 tough (1919 stamina) 21,016 Skill (1966 electronic)

Enhanced Aug (229) 92,858 dps +45% crit hit, dmg=12.8 mag=25 (+23) Talents= Accurate (active) (need firearms 2260)  Meticulous (active) Sustained( (inactive) (need fire 1695  Health 2260)

Socom m1a (229) +155% headshot dmg 84,623 dps 50.7k dmg Mag 10 (+9) Talents= Destructive (inactive (need 2260 firearms 2260 stamina) Meticulous (inactive) (need 1695 firearms 2260 stamina 1695 elec)

First wave x-45 (229) 120,832 dps 15.7k dmg mag=15(+14) Talents= Expert (active) Swift (inactive) (need 2260 firearms 2260 Stamina)

Vest= Alpha (268) 1743 armour (+151) 8% dmg elites +752 armour +51% ammo capacity 8% turrut health

Mask= Lone star (268) 551 Armour +125 firearms +715 electronics,  +4.5% crit hit +14% burn resistance

Knee= Strikers (268) 945 armour +894 firearms +19% crit hit 28% disorient resis 29% blind/deaf resis +91% scavanging

Pack= Strikers (268) 603 armour +805 firearms +20% crit hit 13% burn resis

Gloves=Lonestar 522 armour +758 firearms +6.5 crit hit +549 smg dmg +12% dmg to elites

Holster= Strikers 492 armour +745 firearm +725 health +716 elect 8% skill haste



Stream Machine
Running the numbers, your armor appears to be at 5638, so you're about 280 points over the cap of 5354 that will hit the max armor mitigation of 75%.  Look at your gear mods and see if any give you bonus to armor.  Typically it's in amounts of around +125 armor.  If you have any that give armor and you can change them to bonus skill points or bonus health, do that (as long as you don't have more than +280 armor between the two of them).  Yes you'll lose armor, but anything over 5354 doesn't raise your toughness any more.  

Depending upon your playstyle, you might want to put some more points into stamina.  I like running 400-450k stamina, but even if you want to be more of a glass cannon I'd suggest get your stamina up to at least 2260 to activate sustained on the AUG and destructive and meticulous on the M1A.  Also, what's the 3rd talent on your M1A?  I'd suggest swapping out a firearms mod or two for stamina.  You'll lose some DPS, but unlocking the talents will gain you back some ground in that area.  Also, since 1.3 DPS is really a bullshit number and you should be more concerned with weapon DMG, talents, and what works with your build.  

Another thing to consider is trading out the AB chest.  Right now aside from boosting your GS to 255 (which is a waste) it doesn't work with any other set pieces.  I'd look for one of the following: high end chest with vigorous or striker's chest.  The 4th piece of striker's would proc the set bonus (Shooter - Every consecutive hit deals 1% more damage. Stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drops bonus by 2%. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second) and the vigorous chest would make all your healing skills have Over Heal enabled.  If you go the vigorous route, like I did with my alt, you can swap out the overheal healing skill for booster shot and with vigorous you basically get booster shot and overheal (two skills for one).

Final notes on the stuff above.  Figure out what armor pieces you want to swap out before changing mods.  If you go with the vigorous chest, it's a high end that maxes at GS 229 so you might not get the same amount of armor as your AB chest.  The same would be true of going with a striker's chest if it's under 268.  Picking weapons and gear to have a GS 255 character is useless if the gear and weapons don't work well together.  My main character is running between 5-204 weapons because I like the weapons and haven't found higher level ones with better talents.  He's got like 2 or 3 268 pieces and some 229 weapons and could be like 245+, but he'd be less useful than he is now with the lower overall GS.  

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Thanks  Ive tried as suggested below is my new build. Changed 2nd wepoan to LMG for the =1000 bonus

I must admit it feels better. My playstyle ranges from sniping to upfront attack. So not sure what to go for

2016-08-16 (3).png is my current build

I still remian very confused as to how the many people I am lucky enough to team up with have scores such as 280+dps 350+Tough 33+Skill power

When I try to re roll weapons talents 2 are always locked. As for the gearsets, re-rolling them is extremely expensise, with what appears to be very marginal gains.

So what am I missing?

Thanks again


Big Grumper

Community Veteran
I really wouldn't worry about the DPS number, it's a crock of sh*t. It means nothing in the grand scheme. Just focus on getting your 'bullet' score to a sufficient level to activate the weapon talents. 

As for your playing style we share that similar problem: my loadouts are optimised for either a marksman build (3/3 Deadeye/Sentry) or a 'standard' build. The problem I have is that Underground seems to force me to run-and-gun when I want to 'camp' in an elevated position at the back of the AO. 

As @DeadSockPuppetsaid, get your stamina/toughness up and also your skills. Your low DPS can be offset by continually rinsing OP skills like smartcover and pulse. Combine those with additional talents on your gear (crit damage, crit chance etc) and you'll be just fine. 



Stream Machine
You should take a look at this build: http://gamerant.com/division-top-tier-build-316/.  Read the article and then scroll down to the spot where you can click here to go to the Reddit post to see the build.  The guy is running 294k/393k/18.7k and the build is over two months old so it's likely only 1.2 gear.   You'll see that he's running 240 pieces and a high end chest (overall GS of 224) and his build works better than yours because his weapons and gear have a built in synergy.  Again, since he's running 240 items and 204 weapons, there would be room to improve on all the numbers (also, notice the AUG and M1A he's running like your original build).  

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Big Grumper

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Try this. The dude gives some good advice and talks you through the process of 'rolling'. 

N.B. I'm not suggesting your gear is sh*t. 

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Awesome thanks for that will lokk at. Just been farming dragons nest so should have a new build tomorrow thx again to all for the ongoing assist



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In the video he seems to suggest that it doesn't matter to mix & match gear sets if you can roll correctly. Since I have complete striker set but poor stats but other bits of  gear such as lone star etc (about 30 peices of assorted 265 gear) is the suggestion to get the best of each peice (starting with chest) & roll them for the best?




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forgot to ask picked up savage gloves would it be better to swap out my lone star gloves for these.  I'm unclear how to work out all the numbers. Sorry didn't edit above post not allowed to yet



Stream Machine
You can definitely mix and match sets and that's what most people do.  Most gear sets have a max set bonus from 4 pieces, with the exception of sentry and striker which have a 5 piece bonus.  Because of that, most people will mix and match sets in one of the following combos: 2/2/2, 3/3, 2/4 or with sentry or striker 1/5 where the single piece might be a high end piece like a reckless or vigorous chest or savage gloves.  

As for savage gloves, they'll probably be more useful than the LS ones.  However, if you're going to run the savage gloves, drop the LS mask and add either a high end mask or preferably a strikers mask.  The single LS piece will just give you the stats that come with the mask, but a high end could give you some better perks or a 5th striker piece would give you the 5 piece bonus of +10% Enemy Armor Damage & +30% Critical Hit Damage.



Underground, overground, wombling free
Skill power can be rolled on masks and backpacks as a major.  This can add another 12k + if you get good rolls on both without having to bump your tech skill.  This then allows you to get better results if you use pulse / smart cover to boost your damage.  equipment mods can also be found / rolled with + skill power (usually around 1.4k).  Consider buying the blueprints and rolling for your own when they come around in the Terminal or DZ blueprint vendors (avoid the performance gear mods).

I would be more inclined to bump your health to increase your toughness (possibly with gear mods) as you cannot do damage when you are dead  :10_wink: .

Don't worry about ammo capacity %.  Have a two piece lone star to swap in to with high +ammo cap % when you pick up ammo.  Seems they will not be fixing that 'feature' until they have sold the need to carry that amount of ammo in order to be able to play the high level game.



Dwarven Lord Under The Mountain
I'm currently encountering this issue with weapons more than anything. 

I currently run a GS204 G36C with primary base DPS of 69k

Last few days (guessing because I'm GS248) I've been getting 229 weapon drops (last night a double barrelled shotgun). Issues I'm getting is that base DPS on them is SO HORRID (around 55-59k) but not only that the LOCKED talents on them are useless as well, and even if they were active I won't get any where near the DPS in real terms from them. 

For example the shotgun I got last night was base DPS of 56k .... I had a 182 with that base DPS already (and a 204 with far better) and the locked talent ... Coolheaded ... WTH?!? A headshot based skill in a SHOTGUN and just a double barrelled one at that! 

I think Massive need to address the Randomisation algorithm set up to generate talents on weapons in the Underground. Since they made it possible to gain ANY item from any patch in UG the randomisation has gone frankly insane!

I understand that lower base DPS doesn't often mean much but no number of talents can make up for a 15,000 DPS shortfall and especially if the locked talent is so pointless that it makes you slam your head on the desk.  

To this end I've been running with the same G36c since Underground's first release day! Yes, I got this gun then and I've never found a better one yet ... in all those hours of playing that's just stupid.

Oh and my secondary is a PP-19, gear score 229! Its locked talent ... Talented ... pfft! Wouldn't mind but its only a two talent weapon as well! 

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I get what you mean Quinch. My problem was I went away for nearly 2 months when I wasn't playing at all. Before I left I had a great Aug m1a combo & could quite happily wonder around DZ & do FL.  Came back 1.3 patch is out & it feels like starting all over again.  On all of my weapons 2 of the talents are locked, all seem to have really low base damage (then again maybe its just me).  I too have a g36 which has ferocious (locked & unequiped) Stable (locked & equiped) & Deadly (unlocked & equiped). + a gr8 mp5 with brutal & deadly..

I just cant seem to find the right balance. The various guides/tips (skillsiup) Ive seen including the ones kindly shared here seem to say forget dps concentre on toughness & skills?

In the screen below thats the best I can do in terms of balance. I can actually get 100k dps 500k toughness & 22k Skills (really bad combo completly mis-matched gearsets). but even with the below it doesn't feel quite right cant "feel" toughness but can feel not being able to take down npc's promptly enough.

Don't suppose anyone has any thoughts on this tankier build with higher SP compared to the last?

Rimblock thanks for the tip on SP for masks & backpacks, but If i roll for SP wont I loose even more DPS/firearms +toughness?  Ie when I roll what should I sacrifice?

The gloves are savage gloves

Ever since I discovered recalibration it's been a bit of a nightmare trying to work out what to do. But if I follow these I will always trade off dps for armour. In the vid, it states that armour is the most important. So in the first screen shot Lone star I have 75% armour mitigation & reasonable toughness in the second screen is 63% but much higher dps, so which would you/anyone suggest? perhaps even the 100k dps 550k toughnes (but no weapons talents active)

Oh dear so many questions, so little understanding (my part)


2016-08-18 (4).png

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Underground, overground, wombling free
Skill power will boost you crit chance and damage with the pulse skill and boost damage protection and damage buff with smart cover.  Your base DPS will be low but with those active it will jump significantly.

My base M1A damage is 44k.  I can do 1.8mil critical headshots with smart cover & pulse & triple sentries call tap.  It all adds up.  

Your Lonestar is not particularly offensive so it doesn't not boost your DPS much.  If I drop from 5 piece to 4 piece sentries I loose a big chunk of DPS.

@quinch1199: I have coolheaded on my Lightweight M4.  I wouldn't mind it on my shotgun as getting headshots, even at range, with a shotgun is actually pretty doable.  After all you have 8 pellets to hit with per shot.   I use my shotgun for sentries tagging even at range sometimes.  Works surprisingly well.  If you are running some overdose, getting it to prop faster after you use it can be a big factor in survival.  I believe it may also help refill your 'special' talent faster as well as your two skills.  IF the shotgun is a double barreled version then ... well... what can I say  :1_grinning: .

Getting prepared on a shotgun (damage increase at 40+ meters) on the other hand is ridiculous.

This is mine currently.


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Dwarven Lord Under The Mountain
Well, after a few days gathering new stuff tonight is a Recalibration night! lol  @RimBlock trouble I'm having is getting all things active with my build currently as well but it might be time to move to a different build completely from the more utilitarian one I have. 

That said, its still disconcerting to have 229 weapons drop with poor initial talents and very low base DPS. 

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