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PC graphic blurry plz help ! thx!

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The game is so blurry to able to see anything, i follow the division 1 instruction that is to turn off depth of field, chromatic aberration and vignette settings. and the graphic is still blurry, and it is on windowed mode 1920x 1080, when i switch to 4k full screen, the graphic turns to orange but no blurry, this is very confusing, anyone got same problem or anyone has solution?my monitor is LG 4k hdr , and using 1080ti gpuappreciate with any kind of help !



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Does your monitor support variable refresh rates? If so, is this enabled?

Have you tried 2k setting? 

What basic setting is the graphics quality set to (Medium/High/Ultra)? 

I've not tried live game yet (stuck at work still) so can't comment further but I do wonder if it might be a G-Sync issue also. 

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hi, Dwarven, thx for replying even tho ur still busy at work.

I've fixed the blurry thing, but only if I changed my monitor to HDR effect mode with my Windows 10 HDR turn off tho!  wierd!  However, HDR effect mode is not what i want, i want to permanently fix the blurry thing, because sometimes i like HDR off cuz the light from the HDR is too bright!  

I set the game's refresh rate to 60 and my monitor has maximum of 60 hz only!  The game setting is custom but base on ultra graphic setting, the only setting i changed was the depth of field, chromatic aberration and vignette settings to disable like i mentioned!  I tried using other setting like medium and low too, still blurry.  

and i also use free sync to turn on G-Sync too, maybe that's the problem? 



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OK <_resident geek 😎

Variable Sync Vertical Refresh is a technology that allows the monitor and GPU to synchronize the refresh rate to avoid weird artifacts like tearing and shuddering.  Generally this is important for when the GPU is overloaded and is operating below the native refresh of the monitor but its also important at very high refresh rates.

AMD's implementation is called Free Sync.  As this solution is software only and free, its alot cheaper.

NVidia's implementation is called G-Sync.  This solution requires hardware that is supplied only by NVidia, as such is more costly.

At the moment they are not compatible.   But - maybe in the future, NVidia cards will also support Free Sync (as this is a public domain solution, free to everyone.)  I have seen articles where people say they have seen it work, but its not in the wild yet as far as I know.

As you have a NVidia GTX 1080 ti, which supports G-Sync, you would need a monitor that supports G-Sync for this feature to work.  In theory the latest monitors will self detect and set that up for you.  In theory.  I would need the exact model of the LG to confirm.

However - this will not be the cause of blurriness.

Now as for it being blurry. First I assume other games are clear and the graphics are what you expect.  With that...

How big is your monitor?  1080P on a 32" monitor is blurry - you can't fix that.

Have you tired just turning off HDR on both the monitor and the game.  IMO HDR gaming is not quite here yet.

Do you have the latest drivers? Google "NVidia Drivers" and check, they change all the time.  Sometimes several times a week.
The depth of field should allow for sharper images farther away.  Is that working?  Or is the whole screen blurry - can you share a screenshot?
I find TD2 imaging kinda soft at medium settings, but not what I would call blurry.  I assume with a GTX 1080 ti you are set to high.
Assuming Windows 10, when you right-click on the screen wallpaper and look at screen settings, is it what you expect? 4K (3840x2160)?  If so, does that setting in game for resolution match (or close, as I run windowed full screen and its a little off)?

Anyway, let us know how you fixed it, and what you have tried.


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