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Going Rogue or Manhunt? Which is more rewarding?

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So I've seen a page which discussed this matter. Well, don't have the authority to copy it here. So I'll just give you the link>Rogue or Manhunt: Which is More Rewarding in The Division

So from what I've read, it looks like it's more rewarding to go rogue than going manhunt. But of course, I don't want to jump into any conclusion yet. I wanna hear some opinions from pros and experienced players regarding this matter.

Yes, I know it's also a matter of personal preference but, I'm kinda of a number girl wherein I based 40% of my decision based on stats..LOL..

So guys...What do you prefer? Going rogue or manhunt?



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I am not a Rogue type of person. But I do have respect for people that tag themselves as Rogue and are obvious about it. Don't have much respect for people that do it from the shadows only in large groups then let the timer drop so they can surprise someone else when their back is turned.



i rarely go rogue, its usually by accident or a member of my group that triggers it.  i find it more rewarding hunting down the scum who go against the agency and kill their fellow agents just for profit :)



The Rogue Mod
It depends on how you look at it. Going rogue gives XP per kill and on cooldown, but so does manhunt. The only difference being manhunt requires more kills, and is harder to survive (more incentive for others to take you out). A good group going manhunt would definitely be more rewarding, provided they stuck with it until the rest of their DZ phase just gave up and let them cooldown.

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