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Global Event - Strike - Info

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Oh. daesu

agent provocateur
Tuesday December 12.

Strike Modifiers

  • Handle With Care

    Always active; enemies explode after a delay when killed.

[*]Pre-emptive Strike

  • Strike behavior, plus too much damage triggers a small explosion on the Agent.

[*]Tactical Strike

  • Pre-emptive Strike behavior, plus Strike explosions mark nearby enemies. Marked enemy kills damage all enemies. Ally to ally explosion damage is increased.

Gear Sets: Nomad, Predator, D3-FNC, Banshee

Masks are earnt via Commendations as per the last GE.

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Yep, tac builds work well with this GE, playing in a four man squad of sticky and seekers, lots of fun as taking out an enemy can cause a chain reaction of explosions.

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This was a fun one.  I liked the conditions and having to be very wary of how close you were to the MOBs.  I wish I could have played more, but alas the holiday season has it's own demands.


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