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general world improvement ideas

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I have played both beta's since their release and I really think these ideas are great for the main game. 

1. More exploration inside buildings. The outside is beautiful and vast but I honestly want to go inside buildings more. Especially in the dark zone. It would be so much fun and a challenge for rouge fighting and PVE

2. More objects to loot. Around the world we get to loot random objects that have soda food parts material's and other things. But it's so rare that I wonder why it's even there. I really want lots more objects to find. Like boxes. Crates. Random bottles. Anything really

3. night NPC elite patrol units. I think we all know the feeling when we blast a group of enemies in a ally way or open area. But I think at night they should have groups of 4 to 8 units patrolling down streets and other areas. It would definitely add a bigger challenge. 

And to fix low level complaining it could be level 8 XP level and above

4. Take off group rouge system. I don't know about you but I'm tired of my ally shooting someone while I'm extracting or in a group of people and we all become rouge. I don't find it very fair to be honest. Especially since you basically can't escape enemies. Not to mention every hit stops the countdown for about 20 seconds.

5. Different variety in outfits. We all love finding new clothes to wear but other then the hat and jacket they really don't change much. I think we need more kinds of clothing not just color change. 

6. Less enemy accuracy. Okay hear me out. I have encountered high rank enemies that hold a fast firing gun out straight and sideways. With a slouch. And even at long range the accuracy is insanely difficult. So accurate it's become a bit in-realistic to me. 

Eith regular machine guns I understand. But not the gangsta kill shot hold on large high recoil guns. Especially on boss units

Minor requests. 

Improved light Ray graphics. 

Less white loot spawn

Faster fire affects. The fire looks a bit too slow motion like but is beautiful

faster team/world switch loading speed.

fix audio chat glitching.


Not open for further replies.
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