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Full-high end gear achieved - need help with perfect stats.

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Hello so yesterday i mange to finally get maxed out gear : http://imgur.com/fAuvfbj

I been working around the clock to try achieve this. Now if anyone know what the "perfect" or better stats would be? Right now i feel trying to go glass cannon with maxing out firearms while having around 50k hp~~ hp. I hit like a monster  but Iam very squishy. While in the dark zone i rely on the security wing signature ability to survive attacks when I cant kill stuff fast enough. 

So my next plan is to get a bit more into skill power to try and activate all my weapon talents as they do give a bit more damage.

Here is a small demo of me shooting @ dummies - : 

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Have you seen the light of day since Tuesday? Lol, how does one get to such a high level so fast, I can maybe lvl up one or twice in a four to six hour block
"my story, how i became a vampire on division launch". I haven't done much since launch beside the divison xD



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My main focus lies on Electronics with a dash of Firearms  :smile:  I don't have that much good gear yet though, sometimes i deconstruct yellows because i don't like the stats and don't want to invest Phoenix Coins to recalibrate them.



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Does it actually have the talents you want? Things like damage to elites/named, headshot damage, etc. Also, if the gear can roll armor, I think you should roll for it. Stamina is great, but you can also have some damage mitigation so you don't have to sacrifice too much for other stats.

At some point, I think you also should roll for +damage to weapon class.



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Here is me so far.  http://imgur.com/EleCA4P  I still have some tweaks to do but for the most part I cant be stopped in darkzone unless people have the exact gear I do. I have 52% bullet mitigation. My main weapon has 50% crit and 170 crit hit dmg along with 30% headshot dmg.. I havent been lucky enough to roll smg dmg on my items so my dmg would be more. I am working on getting 125k+dmg 100k hp 20k skill. You need to look at the perks of your weapons and see if they are good enough that you want them or craft a new one with better talents. And then work to get your points in the 3 to unlock those talents. Also what your roll is as far as challenge modes and the raids when they come out...

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