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Far Cry 5


Community Veteran
Oh man I'm loving this game. It has those repetitive elements like most Ubisoft games, unfortunately, but the graphics, mechanics and overall feel of the game are crazy good. Not to mention Far Cry Arcade which allows for endless fun. I.E; player created missions, whacky things to do etc. 

The map is vast and the things you can do are pretty endless too, I'm really liking it. Far Cry 4 was a bore in my opinion and left me thinking Ubisoft had dropped the ball on the series after Far Cry 3. Though I think they really thought about it when doing Far Cry 5 -- vehicle mechanics, shooting, movement and sound. All feels very crisp.


Oh. daesu

agent provocateur
I've heard Ubi is looking and player services. So, maybe more user generated situations and maybe game APIs for player created functions. Which would be good even for silly issues with inventory management


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