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Do you think human Giants existed?

There was a dude named Robert Wadlow who was an inch short of 9 ft… but every major science and media outlet would have you believe that giants are a hoax… please… proof can stare you square in the face and the mainstream media will try to tell you it’s not true… every major ancient civilization has had stories about giants even taller than this man roaming the earth and building megalithic structures! If even insects and bugs like dragonflies and lizards had experienced gigantism(ex: dinosaurs 🦕 & Meganeura 🦟) whose To say there wasn’t 15 ft, even 23 ft people existing in even prehistory? And why would governments and mainstream media try to cover up the truth do you think?052A6616-13AB-4345-A7CC-F606E7491F7C.jpeg688C3292-EE84-4BA5-B030-515D98203855.jpegB222F6FA-16AB-4E3F-ABAC-E13DC9235B98.jpeg

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