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Dark zone patch bad

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Charles fleener

New member
Ok. So I get the hole dark zone pvp push.  But wow, talk about a patch bring out the worst in people.  I've been in 3 different groups were one player leaves group to go Rogue and kill the unsuspecting other members ofthe group. You alsohave geared out prices just sitting on extraction zones killing anyone trying to extract. L it's impossible for anyone who is just starting and wanting to level and gear up to do so. So all these people that have had hours of time to rank and gear up are stopping any and all progression of other newer or more casual players. The story line is so short that now there is nothing to do or anyway to progress.  It has destroyed all.most all comradeship that was there before. It sucks because up until now this was one of the best games I've played. Thanks ubi dev, thanks for thinking of only hardcore pvp gamers. No need to by season pass now. Glad I waited. 



you could always do the challenge modes and daily's to get phoenix credits to gear up your characters better. roll into the DZ with a tanky character to absorb a lot of damage, then maybe you will have a fighting chance. when ever someone is exploiting a game, there is always a counter to that exploit.


x Risky Kill

Community Agent
Best bet is to gear up outside of the DZ like Blazzen said. The north eastern part of the map will have some level 30 npcs that will probably drop some decent gear for you. I'd also suggest maxing out your scavenging on your gear.

The changes for the DZ are great for a lot of us because it's brought more chaos into a part of the game that was lacking it. As Blazzen would say there's a lot more "a-hole" rogues out there.

Lastly I would try and meet people through an LFG site if you're having bad luck with the in game matchmaking. Also if you're on xbox my GT is the same as my handle here. I'd be more than happy to escort you through the DZ with some of my pals.

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It can be frustrating at times but you'll find a trust worthy group to run the DZ. Dont give up this early, check out the LFG section of these forums


OG InZane

New member
That's just how the game is. I doubt you'll be seeing any change to that. It is aggravating and the only solution I can come up with for you is try to find a closer group. Look at it as, if something this really happened to NYC all hell would break lose and there would a lot of people out there stealing and killing all over the city. Gotta watch your back at all times and never trust anybody. That's exactly how the game is and one of the reasons why I love it so much. It makes it exciting. If somebody kills me best believe I'm gonna come hunt your ass right back down 

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