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  1. RimBlock

    Your most annoying tasks in TD2

    So there are two parts I am finding quite troublesome. 1. Destroy all the armour pieces on a heavy (difficult to see which parts still have armour and they are usually around when green mobs spawn meaning they can get the killing shot whilst you are trying to take armour pieces down. 2...
  2. RimBlock

    What achievement are you aiming for.

    There are a number of achievements you can get in TD2.  What one is currently top of your list ?. I would like to get the one where you strip the heavy of all their armour before killing them.  I am finding it a bit tricky to know which parts still have armour on so I can strip those parts off...
  3. RimBlock

    Playing Hard (Netflix)

    For those of you that have it there is a documentary called "Playing Hard" running (at least where I am). Whilst it is not about The Division it is about the making of another UBISoft game, For Honour, and walks through, at a high level, the 5 year journey to get it out to market. Was a pretty...
  4. RimBlock

    Whats your views on Armour and Health currently ?.

    With the current release, how are people finding health and armour in the game. I am finding my self getting one or two shotted in Challenging missions with 230K armour and 50k health. Mods adding 1k or 2k etc health / armour are pretty pointless.  The only ones of any value are % based...
  5. RimBlock

    Your views on the new gear sets ?.

    With the first major patch dropping giving us Tidal Basin and the first 3 gear sets, how do you'll find them ?. I have been grinding for HardWired and now have the blueprints but still need to grind some more to actually get the items.  Today I have been hearing that the set is really not that...
  6. RimBlock

    How to upgrade exotics to the next GS tier ?.

    So running in WT-5 with my WT-4 Chatterbox is doable but not ideal. I have the blueprint to update it but need and exotic art.  Anyone know how to get. Have not seen anything on it yet.
  7. RimBlock

    World Tier 5 - How you finding it.

    So I have moved up to World Tier 5.   Tidal basin solo was not too hard.  easier than challenging missions although the last boss was a spongy as hell. The mag nerf has hit hard.  Lost 20 bullets per mag for the AR.  That makes a big difference.  I would rather have the 30 with the negative...
  8. RimBlock

    Best Exp grinding mission ?.

    So what is the best exp grinding mission people have found based on Reward exp (for the mission completion, not inc kill exp as that varies quite a lot depending on team makeup) Average Time to complete (with randoms so no super tuned speed runs but average time). Difficulty (how hard is...
  9. RimBlock

    Missing loot drops when grinding the same mission.

    So I have been grinding Jefferson Trade Center on challenging a bit to get the binary trigger rifle. When I started grinding I was getting the sort of loot expected (at least 50%/50% gold / purple items + chests etc every 24 hours).  After a few runs the loot seems to have gone down in...
  10. RimBlock

    Exotic Weapons.

    if you have not yet managed to see the videos out there, here is a quick overview on how to get the Legendary weapons found so far. Keys and boxes and blueprints and crafting. So first you need faction keys.  These keys are usually found in tunnels in small wall boxes.  They refresh once every...
  11. RimBlock

    Hunters Masks.

    So there are 12 masks available and loads of guides out there showing how to spawn the Hunters. This time round you have to perform specific actions in order to get the Hunter to spawn in so they are unlikely to arrive unless you are trying to get them. My experience so far at GS449. First...
  12. RimBlock

    How are we all doing ?.

    Well it has been a busy 2 days playing. 25 hours in, level 23, 67% complete on the main story. Wasted a bit of time working out which missions were story missions after the skill points were all unlocked (no more yellow triangles on story missions).  Have finally unlocked recalibration which I...
  13. RimBlock

    Open Beta confirmed but no firm date yet.

    So it appears that one of the devs let slip that the Open Beta is a thing. Likely to be end of Feb / Beginning of March. I would imagine a lot of it will be marketing like the closed Beta was.  Most issues found are likely to be patched out no sooner than the first post release patch. One...
  14. RimBlock

    The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

    So preload for the beta is available. How much is everyone looking forward to it and what do you love / like / dislike / hate after playing. My main hope is that they have randomised the enemy waves in the replayable missions to add some variety.  This was not the case on the previous round of...
  15. RimBlock

    DayZ v1.0

    So DayZ has come out of Beta.  It has now released with V1.  They have also released the server files so you can run your own server. I spent the weekend with it and here is my impression so far. I last played DayZ 4 years ago.  I left it to go and play on my own server with DayZ Epoch (a...
  16. RimBlock

    Pre-Order open on U-Play

    So pre-order for the Division 2 is open on U-Play. Options are different for different regions from what I hear but there are 3 options open for me (Singapore).  All prices in Singapore $.  Exchange rate is around 0.73 USD , 0.99 AUD (bit of a surprise there) or 0.57 GBP. S$70 - Standard...
  17. RimBlock

    Stygain Mask

    Finally got Stygain. Havent seen it around alot so here it is. Commendation: Kill 5 hunters in Survival, Underground & Resistance.
  18. RimBlock

    Survival Tips

    So we all know that for a fully geared player, Survival does not really offer much in the way of a reward in the main game but it can still be fun in its own right if you have done everything else a few thousand times. This is sort of where I am now so I have been dipping in to survival again...
  19. RimBlock

    Taking down the hunters.

    So with a number of commendations around killing hunters, what have you found to be the best ways to take them down. Really taking about the underground hunters (on say challenging mode WT5) as the one on top of Madison Hospital is a nightmare and very strong. I tend to burn them down but 1...
  20. RimBlock

    Who dies first ?.

    Which enemies do you go for first / next etc and why. I go in the following order usually; Shotgunners / rushers (do significant damage when close so get them before they can get close). Snipers (Do significant damage at range so I take them out at range or rush them so they use pistols)...