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    Xbox Live Michael Dufrane Echo Help!

    Im looking for someone who has NOT completed the Michael dufrane side mission with echos in the Garment District. My mission glitched out and i cant collect the second echo. if you can help please send me an invite! Thanks  GT: CRAZY LEAPFROG
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    Xbox Live Side missions and DZ farm

    Hey everyone come check out my channel and stream! Playing The Division, some story and side missions and exploring around and will be jumping into the dark zone in a bit! Help me grow my channel by viewing and following! Thankshttp://www.twitch.tv/joshrjv77
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    Xbox Live Looking for Buddies

    Just started playing and an looking for a couple players around the same lvl (LVL 7-9) to play through some of the story missions and level up. Add me on xbox and and send me a message to join up! Thanks.GT; CRAZY LEAPFROG