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  1. RimBlock

    The Division 2 - Expeditions

    Looks interesting but I hope Mastery does not get solely based on DPS or kills. DPS is going to limit the build diversity and kills is going to result on kill steals.
  2. RimBlock

    Ivory Keys

    Look for the Hunter YouTube vids and they will usually walk you through all of the Hunter spawns which get you the Ivory keys (and masks) when you kill the hunters. There is / was a bug with some Hunters not dropping masks and keys.  I hear a patch for this is coming probably with the July...
  3. RimBlock

    Operation Dark Hours (RAID)

    Your the exception to the rule  :5_smiley: .
  4. RimBlock

    TU3 and the massive overhaul

    I would agree that GS is a poor indicator in the current setup due to the wild variations of attributes and their scores on items regardless of GS. I have items at GS 496 that I have not found better replacements for but I have also heard people suggesting that the GS it more important and...
  5. RimBlock


    Yeah, not sure I agree.  Talents are more situational, for some, and can also depend on your play style. How to assign recal scores to them. The knock on effect will be that people will only go for the high recal score ones, again for the most part, and it will severely reduce the already poor...
  6. RimBlock

    Operation Dark Hours (RAID)

    Atari 2600 here baby... Pong, Moon Patrol, Missile command. Yeah I think a lot of us are mid 40's here... maybe why it tends to be a more thought out, less impulsive 0 --> 100% outrage in t-2 seconds.
  7. RimBlock

    Operation Dark Hours (RAID)

    :14_relaxed: . Yeah, is is a bit irritating.   People, when they put their mind to it, can self organise without having to follow instructions if they are willing to adapt to the other team members actions. I did Tidal Basin on Challenging with randoms last night and we pretty much just ran...
  8. RimBlock

    Maintenance - May 31st fixes exploits

    My play time is limited at the moment but I have seen issues increasing when playing last night. Kicked from a mission (Delta error) twice in 2 days. Unable to select Tidal Basin and choose the difficulty level from the map (just not accepting but going back to the map or not even going in to...
  9. RimBlock

    Endgame - which specialisation?

    The specialisations also have damage bonuses for weapon types so the Demolitionist has for SMG and LMG, Survivalist for AR & Shotgun and the Sniper for Marksman and Rifle (IIRC - I am sure someone will correct if i am wrong  :14_relaxed: ). I run the AR on most of my builds so Survivalist...
  10. RimBlock

    Operation Dark Hours (RAID)

    Awesome.  Console vs PC gamers debate....  :51_scream: . The percentage of PC vs Console gamers that are more serious with there gaming probably falls on the side of the PC.  There are a number of reasons for this, one being the commitment that is required to get and keep the hardware up to...
  11. RimBlock

    Control Point Officers

    Especially in the US.  You never know, the SJW's could have created a White Knight faction.
  12. RimBlock


    Do talents change the recal score at all on weapons ?.  If not then maybe this is why weapons are not getting one as most people are swapping talents out most the time. Using more and more resources is the same as it used to be in TD1.  It is a difficult balance between being able to recal...
  13. RimBlock

    TU3 Open World - bah humbug

    Thanks.  great info.  Will take a look. Wow, he has 2k Skill power on one piece and 1.7k or so on another and they are around GS450.  Highest I have found at GS 500 is 774 after 164 hours playing.  The mods he is using he is crafting for the most part and they are rolling based on his skill...
  14. RimBlock

    TU3 Open World - bah humbug

    Thanks for the tips.  Would love to see some screenshots of your skill build if you were willing to share... My build is not a 'focused' effort, it was made with bits that came my way rather than by chasing particular items with preferred stats and it was a challenge to get to 3.5k TBH. What...
  15. RimBlock

    Change to the way masks fit?

    Yep, seems they have.  My red glasses used to come through my Hunter masks but now they don't.  In fact it seems the glasses get removed automatically when you put a Hunter mask on.
  16. RimBlock

    TU3 Open World - bah humbug

    Never really got in to it.  The kids both enjoy playing though.  The fighting and missions can be fun in a Halo sort of mindless blasting way but the grind and number of different parts required for different pieces which then need to be combined to form one item with the build times added in...
  17. RimBlock

    TU3 Open World - bah humbug

    I still run out of ammo but not as much if I have the Liberty Pistol equipped (holstered) as its talent gives free ammo back. 3 reds (if lined up nicely) usually take 1 AR mag and this is pretty much the same as TD1 for me. I like the post mission stats screen but I would question the figures...
  18. RimBlock

    Total Noob: Weapon Slots?

    Bear in mind the interface seems to be very console centric and so some common expectations for mouse and keyboard do not work as expected. Sometimes double click does not action something and you have to press space to put items in slots etc.  Modding an item or weapon requires selecting it...
  19. RimBlock

    UBI TD2 Forums

    I have completely the same impression as you do so I tend not to read there.   I did post once or twice but then got the extreme posters who like to take it right to the opposite side of whatever point I was making and I am assuming they are just doing it for fun.  Not a lot of point joining...
  20. RimBlock

    Dark Hours Apparel Event

    50% obtained including the first mask. The side kick pictured above I got from the first event  :14_relaxed: .