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  1. g1nt3r

    General advice for relative newcomer

    You need to keep moving into the next world tiers. Continue beating the strongholds and you'll move up and start finding way better stuff super quick. (y) Good luck fellas
  2. g1nt3r

    The Old TheDivisionForums looked like this...

    haha, I appreciate this thread. However, this new look is damn nice!
  3. g1nt3r

    Carlos operates the forums now, he was gracious enough to add it to his awesome community of forums.

    Carlos operates the forums now, he was gracious enough to add it to his awesome community of forums.
  4. g1nt3r

    The Division 2: Every Specialization Explained:from

    Man, love me the demolitions. Grenade Launcher is the bees knees of over powered weaponry imho.
  5. g1nt3r

    Patch - Title Update 8.5

    Can you tell me how I start the Manning National Zoo mission?
  6. g1nt3r

    So there is no general chat in the game? and other problems.

    Well now, hold on Gene, there's no need to be so hasty my friend. We should be inviting to all (unless its Brian Stelter or Adam Schiff). We want to be a place where people can come and talk out their frustrations with the game. I get it, there are plenty of things that annoy me about the game...
  7. g1nt3r

    So there is no general chat in the game? and other problems.

    Can't we all just be friends! I'm not sure the argument here, couldn't read the whole thing, but I'm willing to guess it's all based on a misunderstanding. So, lets just work together to get it figured out. So @TL Gamer is probably just venting his frustrations, which is ok, we all need to do...
  8. g1nt3r

    New York back to Washington D.C.

    Can you gentlemen please play nice? We're all just Division players here, and it feels like we're fewer and fewer these days. (gets choked up) Can't we all just get along!
  9. g1nt3r

    What do you think of the New PlayStation 5 coming out?

    That playstation you posted is only the developer model. It has extra USB slots and extra buttons for dev purposes. I don't think they've released what either of them look like yet and anything posted are only possible concepts. 
  10. g1nt3r

    WHO ARE THE HUNTERS? || Lore / Theory || The Division 2 from Wiki & YouTube.

    Nice post! Personally, I think it's Russian Collusion... than again... I say that about literally everything.
  11. g1nt3r

    Ghost Recon Operation Breakpoint Online Technical Test Invite

    Anyone want access? Got a couple spots if you're on PC. Hit me up. Sorry, I know it's unrelated but I built the site so.
  12. g1nt3r

    Control Point Officers

    Disney, I did ask to cut the obesity discussion if you missed my post. Please refrain from jokes regarding it.
  13. g1nt3r

    Control Point Officers

    Alright alright, lets cut the obesity discussion please. However, IMO, this game is set in a post mass destruction period in which only the strong and those who are protected survive. It is likely, those who are unable to fight (i.e. elderly, ill, obese, children etc.) either perished due to the...
  14. g1nt3r

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome and thanks for the compliment, I appreciate that!
  15. g1nt3r

    Finish me off with an emote

    Or they could talk shit or something. That'd be a fun mechanic. Although I would never hear or see them, as I never die
  16. g1nt3r

    Create a clan!

    I agree. I imagine alot of people don't want to pay the license fee, which in my opinion, is worth every penny.
  17. g1nt3r

    Create a clan!

    Right on and thanks! Invision Community is definitely the best forum cms out there and yes, I thought the clubs feature would for sure be an excellent platform for clans to have themselves a little place to openly or privately congregate. So easy to alter it and make it "clans" as well. Love...
  18. g1nt3r

    Create a clan!

    No problemo man. I will look into the moderator and leader privileges. EDIT: I updated the original post to include moderator stuff
  19. g1nt3r

    Xbox Live -*- Tactical Force - Recruting Members -*-

    Hey fellas, check out our new clan feature!
  20. g1nt3r

    Create a clan!

    You can now create a clan here! Features Manage clan members Private or open forums Make open or invite only Add your clan logo Much more! To create a clan, go to the Clans link in the navbar, under main menu Then, click Start a Clan on the right side of the page Once you...