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  1. genedjr

    Loot - the good, the bad, and the ugly

    There are alot of youtubers that have posted videos on how bad the loot is, but I wanted to start a discussion of loot in general and how difficulty impacts what drops. So here goes - First, I agree with alot of other things you can watch/read that loot access is fundamentally broken in TD2...
  2. genedjr

    The Summit

    OK, everyone knows The Summit is broken - the first 30 floors are useless and boring, and if you are anywhere near end-game move that bar to 50 or 60. The idea is pretty cool, just fight - no story, no easter eggs, no fluff - just fight. With the really confined space, forget anything with...
  3. genedjr

    Agent in need of assistance

    I love this concept but its completely broken. the announcement is so late that you can rarely join a group. I have my world set to challenging but routinely get requests for 0-30 crowd (which I help every time BTW) I have on multiple occasions received endorsements from multiple group...
  4. genedjr

    WoNY DLC - massive changes

    OK Pun intended. Now for me...  Here is what I like and don't like with about 40 hours play time, both solo and with group. I hate that I had to kill Keener before being able to go back to DC. But it was 4 hours with a group of 4. Still... I hate that elite/names are still very spongy. But...
  5. genedjr

    Email from UBISoft

    I am sure the email is auto-generated, but I did get one imploring me to play The Division 2 more.  Interesting, Steam has never sent me anything when I stopped playing through them for months at a time. ...gene
  6. genedjr


    Here is what I understand so far from using recalibration (all my gear is at least +50, most is +100). As with TD1, only one attribute can be recalibrated. The recalibration scale is 0 to 100 on gear and weapons. 'Moving' an attribute destroys the source item and costs various resources (i.e...
  7. genedjr

    PC Sapphire Pulse Vega 56

    I read all these wonderful comments about the Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 and when it came on sale for $300 - I picked one up. Well, it runs like crap (Sapphire ticket submitted).  Even during the benchmark it never reaches 50C so the fans never start.  Yet in stage 4 is drops below 50FPS. ...
  8. genedjr

    Operation Dark Hours (RAID)

    So I went to the official UBI TD2 forums and read their excuse for not having matchmaking for the raid.  I am not satisfied.  Who are they to decided we can't get 8 folks together and on a Saturday grind it out and have a gas dying alot. They say they are listening, but hey - if they listened...
  9. genedjr

    UBI TD2 Forums

    So I took a look at the official UBI TD2 forums - OMG - what a toxic experience. (but same as it's always been) I really feel for those at UBI whose job is supporting those forums.  I mean, while it's OK to be passionate, its not OK to just b^^ch/demean.  With about 30 minutes of scanning, I...
  10. genedjr

    TU3 Open World - bah humbug

    OK this post is all about the open world.  I will do more posts about builds and missions but I wanted to get this off my chest.... BAH-HUMBUG - what crap. 4 hours of open world, took controls points from level 1 to 3.  ONE (count it one) piece of GS500.  All my gear is 500+15 with all weapons...
  11. genedjr

    PC X370 Taichi BOIS update p5.10+ lost NVME

    ASRock X370 Taichi,  CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB 2x8GB 288-Pin DDR4 2400 PC4 19200, not overclocked Samsung SM951 256GB PCIe Gen3 8Gb/s x4 M.2 80mm GTX 970   Here is my problem. Under BIOS p3.30 everything worked fine. I bought a Vega 56 and after reboot crashed the BIOS (flashing 00 error)...
  12. genedjr

    TU3 and the massive overhaul

    I am very confused.  In TD1 the last 4 or so updates really made the game great.  It seems that Massive and UBI have completely forgotten what elevated TD1 to greatness. What "I" wanted was TD1 to the next level in DC.  The Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta seemed to be headed in the right...
  13. genedjr

    Robots - in battle

    The Dogs are HERE! Near term I can see one like this carrying a soldiers gear in battle. ...gene https://youtu.be/iBt2aTjCNmI
  14. genedjr

    PTS Experience

    OK, after 4+ hours today, here is what i think of the changes - bah-humbug OK maybe a little more detail is warranted. OK a couple of notes first. PTS game start on PC is extremely slow, like 3-4 minutes.  Hang in there it will start. The vendors have free Field Proficiency Cache 500 - you...
  15. genedjr

    Re-calibration video

    I like the old system better.  This one kinda makes more sense, but its much more complex. ...gene
  16. genedjr

    Weapon Talents from MarcoStyle

    I like Marco - this is quite long (40+ min) but fairly exhaustive. ...gene
  17. genedjr

    We don't need so stinking 'patches"

    Here is a quick video on 'claiming' commendation rewards (Patches). ...gene
  18. genedjr

    PC What GPU and Frame rate do you have?

    Some of you know I am a old geek and have been building PCs for over 20 years.  But I always ask for help - not even I can keep up with everything PC 😜 Well, as with TD1, I am working to upgrade my GPU Right now I am using a pretty good GTX 970. With the GTX 970 on medium in TD2 I often run...
  19. genedjr

    TD2 - so far at WT5

    OK, lets take lvl 1 to 30 lvl 1 - I used a pistol to clear to the White House. OMG - what fun!!!  This gave me real hope that Massive and UBI really listened to input for pistols.  And I have used Pistol as last resort for clearing ... wow, the pistol is back!! But from there.... 2 to 10 (+-...
  20. genedjr

    Can't buy it

    Tried several times to buy it - just cant get it done.   I never get to the pay screen.... Thoughts? ...gene