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  1. ChowYunFats

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    Hey guy's I been playing The Division 2 and started playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint have any of you tried the new Ghost Recon out and if so what's your take on the game. Thanks CYF
  2. ChowYunFats

    Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday's

    I like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday's 
  3. ChowYunFats

    PC Help Downtown West SHD Cache

    I'm a little stump trying to get this SHD Cache in Downtown West I'll post 2 Pictures to show where it's located maybe somebody here can help with this Pic #1 is the spot Pic #2 is the zone Thanks Chow
  4. ChowYunFats

    Hi Gang

    Hey everyone haven't been on here in months what's new and have I miss much 
  5. ChowYunFats

    Patch 1.8 Update?

    Can anyone on here please give me the run down on Patch 1.8 update I been away for a while with a new job and stuff I went to play the game didn't see anything new like they show coming with this patch did I miss something. Thanks ChowYunFats
  6. ChowYunFats

    Early DLC for Season Pass holder's?

    Ok I don't know how many others our having this issue but I do have season pass for Wildland's went to get the new DLC but it's not showing for me on the Xbox one anyone else having this issue today  Thanks Chow
  7. ChowYunFats

    Wildland's Monthly mission's?

    I remember them telling us with the release of the new DLC about monthly missions to earn reward's did anyone find where we go to find this I thought it be like Division open our map and see what you need to do but I haven't found how about anyone else? Thanks ChowYunFats
  8. ChowYunFats

    Narco Road game play?

    Hi guy's I start on the new DLC for Xbox1 (Finish Wildland's first part) but I'm not sure what to think of it just yet but like some advice from others who have tried it  well my question is about the side missions is it just me or do they seem just a little off balance to say like I jump in...
  9. ChowYunFats

    Ghost Recon Wildlands Sniper Rifles

    Hi everyone I like to ask a simple rite out of the box question about the sniper rifles  What was your longest shot and do you find the targets seem to vanish from site at around 700 Meters (Console version) My longest shot been 730 Meters prior to that 610  That's my question Thanks...
  10. ChowYunFats

    Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta

    I thought I share this info with everyone who miss out like I did for the Beta test but on PC PS 4 and Xbox 1 we can get the game a head of time today 
  11. ChowYunFats

    Happy New Years everyone

    I like to say Happy New Years to everyone and have a safe and happy holiday be safe for whatever you plan to do just enjoy yourself  Chow
  12. ChowYunFats

    The night before Christmas (Adult Humor)

    T'was the night before christmas and all through the house everyone felt shitty, even the mouse. Dads at the whore house, moms smokin grass, and I just settled down for a nice piece of ass. Then out on the lawn there arose such a clatter I sprang up from my piece to see what was the matter. He...
  13. ChowYunFats

    Monthly Supply Drops?

    Did they change the day monthly supply drops fall on I thought it was the 1st of the month and middle of the month 15th Day? Here it's the 14th and mines ready just wondering if I missed something Thanks
  14. ChowYunFats

    Armour Skill question

    O k I pick up a Backpack with a skill that return's 5% Health from kill's using skill can somebody explain does any skill work with this or just skill's like Mines and such which cause physical damage  Thanks Chow
  15. ChowYunFats

    Vivendi attempting hostile takeover of Ubisoft?

    Has anyone else heard of this I thought this was just a rumor nothing else? This is the link I read some of it from ...
  16. ChowYunFats

    Bug in Ammo and Material's

    Ammo and Material I have notice are off well with Ammo every time do to habit I refill before login out back when I come back I'm short by 200+ in ammo all the time. Material's I been noticing when I collect blues and purples they seem to never add up in my materials to convert over to HE...
  17. ChowYunFats

    My rant about people hating on the game

    O k let me just say this I am not directing this rant at anyone directly or mean to come off as a @#$%^&*( I say sorry now but why is it when I read some people's comment's on The Division going saying the game suck's it's broke etc etc who haven't even gave it a chance sense patch 1.2 when...
  18. ChowYunFats

    MP5 ST HE Screen Shot

    Sorry I wanted to put this picture with a topic I was reading about the MP5 ST HE but lost track of the original topic.                                                                                                                         I got this from a cache Thursday I took 2 shot's of it...
  19. ChowYunFats

    Screenshots of my 2 Main Build's

    Well this is my first 2 characters I been playing sense the start of The Division I finally learn how to get my screen shots from Xbox One to post here  I like some advice I am still picking away grinding for some better gear to level it out for my style of play  Thanks Chow
  20. ChowYunFats

    Upload pictures to the forum's I need advice?

    What is the easiest way to do this can anyone help me  Thanks Chow