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  1. K

    Alpha Bridge Location(s)?

    Anyone know the place to be for Alpha Bridge locations? I got one during a HVT but it was just a 214. Would love to start grabbing some of those.
  2. K

    Underground Cache Question

    So my first couple cache's weren't great but around level 5-7 or something, I started getting higher 240/268 gear or 229 weapons. I am now level 13. My friend is level 9 and he still keeps opening 204/214 items or weapons. Is it because I am 23x with all 229 weapons (other than pistol [182]) and...
  3. K

    Still run SMG's?

    Any of you still running SMG's since the nerf? I still have my 204 Vector because it has some great talents but I was rolling Underground with someone and he was asking me why I still use it.
  4. K

    Am I missing something about Underground?

    So I was on vacation when it dropped and when I put in time yesterday, I was going off 4 hours sleep following 8 hours driving... but it, overall, seems repetitive. Here are my thoughts so please let me know what I am missing that makes it more. Hard (160) and Challenging (200) seems like a big...
  5. K

    My first DZ caches

    I don't do DZ much these days because it really is only fun in doses these days to spice things up. But rolled with a random last night that did the incursions with me and really just ventured 01-04. I did get two green caches but nothing great from either... single green 214 item so I gave the...
  6. K

    HVT Green Drops?

    I feel like when HVT's first came out, I was getting green drops for most all of them. When I got a yellow, I was like, "Mannnnn!!!" Lol. But now it seems that I am lucky to get one a night for the dailies. Did the drop rate change (Ubi having them drop more often early on to get people caught...
  7. K

    Uhmm.... what?

    So got in a nice group last night and we did a walk through of Falcon Lost (first time beating it... such an awful Incursion) and then did Clear Skies but it took ust three times. This was my first time beating it as well (much better Incursion) but I didn't get my 240 drop!! I was also the...
  8. K

    DZ's gonna DZ

    Rough night in the DZ last night. Entered DZ05 with some friends but we are all just barely 201+ (actually... none of us except me are true 201+. they just had a 204 weapon). Ended up dying and reclaiming our gear (purple crates). Ended up missing on a supply drop because some guy came in and...
  9. K


    Historian any good? Would you guys replace your First Wave or Classic M1A's with it?
  10. K

    High Value Stories

    So we are running a high end daily HVT and when the boss comes out... three come out. Never saw that before. A flood of yellows and three of them named. Of course, my standard luck was at play... I get three yellow drops each of them. My one friend gets two greens and a yellow while my other...
  11. K

    Mods and Attachments?

    Mods and attachments are taking up WAY too much room in my backpack. What tricks do you guys have to limit them? Plus do people use Performance Mods over the core firearm/stamina/engineering mods?
  12. K

    How to Build?

    I am going to scroll through the many pages of the character builds... but what tips / tricks do you guys have? I am over 200gs. All of my gear is 214 gear sets. The only 204 weapon I have is the Vector that was on sale last week, otherwise it is 182 or 163 gear. But my toughness and DPS still...
  13. K

    Items not dropping from HVT?

    So this weekend, my friend and I are playing and running the daily HVT missions... after half of them, they stop dropping for him (I am the one spending my Intel to do the missions) The next day, three of us are playing and, it drops for me and the new player but not the guy I played with the...
  14. K


    Has the Gold Edition (season pass) had any effect yet? I only just played this update last night but we all seem to have access to intel missions and high value targets.
  15. K


    Ok... So I have been coming here for a bit of time and recently started questioning if I continue in the game but after playing the contracts, I am back to loving it. Really, seems like they brought the DZ out of the DZ. For everyone that wants boss battles and loot drops but without the worry...
  16. K

    My friends are dropping off...

    Seems like my friends are slowly going back to Destiny while I am not sure where I fall. I seem to be at that point where I am too high to enjoy the three dailies but too low to even still do the Incursion or battle all the DZ'ers that can... so we all fall in some limbo. Not sure how to move...
  17. K

    Mobile Portal

    This game really needs a mobile portal so I can go through my stash and inventory, move and deconstruct offline. Of even just to remote in and see what I have when discussing the game with friends.
  18. K

    Converted SMG-9?

    So I have my HE Vector, HE Tactical Vector, HE First Wave Vector, HE AUG (not the one the guy was selling at BOO)... and none of them do the DPS that my Converted SMG-9 does. It is about 20k more than any of those. Without mods, all of those are in the high 60's and my SMG9 is in the high 80's...
  19. K

    My First Attempt at Incursion

    So I decided, for sh!ts and giggles, to try my hand at the Incursion this past weekend. Our first attempt, it didn't go well in that one guy didn't have a mic, I was the highest gear level (180), and no one had done it before. In one way, it was cool to see how things play out without any help...
  20. K


    My friends got on, I could not, and played some DZ last night... said they had an awful time. Said there was a group that kept showing up while they were trying to fight AI bosses and would just kill them. Not take their gear or anything, just go rogue on them. Guys were 223, 216, 211 and 196...