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  1. Agent Chon

    The Division Shorts! Support a creator

    Made a new series called The Division shorts would appreciate feed back and any support :3 
  2. Agent Chon

    Funny moments In The Division

    So i made a funny moments video that i worked hard on and would appreciate it if you could check it out. I'm sorry for the slight audio glitches tho :/ 
  3. Agent Chon

    Go Rogue and get OWNED!

    This video is an accurate example of what happens when you go rogue  v
  4. Agent Chon

    Join The ROGUE Side!

    So I'v noticed there are a lot of different groups that want to police the dark zone and protect people. Well what about a group for people that want everyone else's loot. A group for people that will kill these white knights and do jumping jacks on there dead bodies.  Well here is the group...
  5. Agent Chon

    Policing The Dark Zone - I Need Your Help!

    So i for one am all up for being a rogue agent BUT in a video I'm planning for the beta i want to go around the dark zone "Policing" it. So I'm looking for a team of people that want to help me detain rogue agents. You may notice i used the word detain that's because i don't want to fire unless...
  6. Agent Chon


    So i made a prepare for the division sketch.... appreciate a watch lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XTivR4moTw 
  7. Agent Chon

    My New Division Videos (Funny)

    So i worked for hours on this video and i hope its pretty funny, any shares on social media and likes would be greatly appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdcLV_jCCaI&feature=youtu.be 
  8. Agent Chon

    Glad this forum was created

    Wanted to be the first post of hopefully many in this forum. I look forward to seeing other creators works and hopefully working with others too xD
  9. Agent Chon

    Community Workshop For Content Creators

    So i saw a post about supporting all the new content creators that will inevitably come make content on the division. I think this was a great idea! However i want to go one further and offer a place where content creators can link up and collaborate to help each other grow. I would also like...
  10. Agent Chon

    What are YOU most excited about in The Division?

    So i want to create a video about the top 5 things the community is hyped for about The Division. Now i know everyone will have a few things there excited about but i really want the number 1 thing YOU are personally excited for. The more responses the better and it can be anything! You could be...
  11. Agent Chon

    Hello there everyone!

    Hello there everyone, i'm excited to be apart of the division community and will be making video's up to and long after release solely on The Division XD My channel is below if anyone is interested, thanks again :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrY72H55NjCDfFae_BszW6A