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  1. RaneMokeev

    Twitch Chat

    Arright, so who's commenting as "thedivisionforums" in the Twitch chat? I feel I'm out of the loop....
  2. RaneMokeev

    Rogue Fishing

    Guess what, guys! I have a new hobby :-D I put on 4pc Banshee and head into the DZ. I pick up one pathetic purple or blue (liiiiike purple Agent Pads or whatever) and head for an extraction point. I call it in, load it up, and wait. Undoubtedly, some assnugget comes along and starts cutting...
  3. RaneMokeev

    How I Feel About 1.4

    :3_grin: :3_grin: :3_grin:
  4. RaneMokeev

    My Review of Battlefield 1

    That sh*t's fun when you're winning.
  5. RaneMokeev

    Is it Tuesday yet?

    Is it Tuesday yet? How about now?
  6. RaneMokeev

    One Point Four

    Hmm. Hard to really judge the changes with a new toon...got slaughtered trying for the first supply drop.  Then again, I absolutely suck with a keyboard these days. Mouse is still great for aiming, but those keyboard controls do me in. That's my own personal failing, obviously, and not 1.4. ...
  7. RaneMokeev

    My Thoughts on the 1.4 Announcement

    Sounds good.
  8. RaneMokeev

    Why I still prefer going solo....

    After a long, long time of playing solo, a few friends of mine finally got The Division.... "Team up with us," they said. "Try some new missions," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. F*ckers lol
  9. RaneMokeev


    Electrical panel on the fritz? Shoot it!  Little gold diamond yelling "nyah nyah nyah! you can't catch me!" ? All the bad guys shouting at the same time? "LET'S GOBMUGALUBLUMUH!" One bad guy reeeeally wanting you to go f*ck yourself? "You look like you got some GAAaaaAAAAaaaaaAAAAass" quite...
  10. RaneMokeev

    My Review of Underground

    I like it.
  11. RaneMokeev

    Solo Nomo

    Well it happened.  A RL friend just got The Division.  Looks like I'll be teaming up with someone now.  ...assuming they like it, of course. Ah well, DZ lvl 81 completely solo.  Not bad. Gotta change my tag too...can't be "solo enterprise" no mo... Damn. lol
  12. RaneMokeev

    Fallout 4

    Amazon had a half-off deal...picked up Fallout 4 for 25 bucks. Already addicted.
  13. RaneMokeev

    NYC Trip!

    Alrighty, next week I'll be attending The Eleventh HOPE conference in NYC.  I'll be a stone's throw from Madison Square Garden, which means a stone's slingshot from the Farley Post Off--er, the BoO.  Obviously I'll be getting pictures of that, but while I'm there, any requests? (I will now duck...
  14. RaneMokeev


    Views from heaven itself.... So peaceful.  So tranquil.   So god damn glitchy lol THANKS Massive!  :3_grin: There's my agent Sam frolicking with her childhood friends...
  15. RaneMokeev

    Is a sniper build even viable?

    My main character (lovingly referred to as Samantha) is currently a mediocre, mid-range sort of gal.  She keeps me alive (more or less) in the DZ, and gets me through dailies quickly (more or less).  I'm thinking of a new play style, though...possibly for one of my secondary characters.  Back in...
  16. RaneMokeev

    Rogues Ruining the DZ?

    Rogues Ruining the Dark Zone Good video about rogues and the DZ.  Can't say I agree with everything, but if you're bored for 20 minutes give it a watch.
  17. RaneMokeev

    Diablo 3

    RoS fans? Anyone? 
  18. RaneMokeev

    Issues with DLC?

    If anyone's having issues getting the DLC.... http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/06/28/some-people-cant-find-the-division-dlc-after-buying-it I have an issue...I bought the Season Pass for PS4.  And no way am I going to get Underground for PC...nope, nuh uh, not gon--oh who am I kidding lol...
  19. RaneMokeev


    http://divisiontracker.com/profile/ps/ranemokeev That's me.   :2_grimacing:
  20. RaneMokeev

    Can't leave while in combat....

    Ugh, of all my complaints about El Divisione,  none aggravates me more than being told I can't exit the DZ while in combat.  What combat??? I just spent ten minutes, five health packs, a few shots of first aid, and one Survivor Link running from a group of rogues with nothing better to do than...