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  1. RaneMokeev

    Twitch Chat

    Arright, so who's commenting as "thedivisionforums" in the Twitch chat? I feel I'm out of the loop....
  2. RaneMokeev


    NPCs that can run across the street and climb up on a crate...while getting shot by a god damn assault rifle. (I swear I saw one NPC pull out his phone and tweet "@jferro @lmb GETTIN SHOT LIKE A BOSS! #rikers" while taking 50 rounds to the chest.) #justdivisionthings
  3. RaneMokeev

    Survivor: Rumours & Expectations

    I think you might be worrying a bit too much, Quinch.  Not saying it all sounds good to me, but I wouldn't say it's going to hurt the main game either. 1) I really doubt they're going to wipe your character. That should come with a big warning Diablo 3 style. 2) They said the game plays out in...
  4. RaneMokeev

    Survivor: Rumours & Expectations

    Arright, time to fire up the 1.5 PTS! ...after work :( 
  5. RaneMokeev

    Rogue Fishing

    Guess what, guys! I have a new hobby :-D I put on 4pc Banshee and head into the DZ. I pick up one pathetic purple or blue (liiiiike purple Agent Pads or whatever) and head for an extraction point. I call it in, load it up, and wait. Undoubtedly, some assnugget comes along and starts cutting...
  6. RaneMokeev

    Survivor: Rumours & Expectations

    THUNDERDOME! Two men enter, one man leaves. ...well, actually, about ten people enter, immediately start spamming stickies and shotties...then four leave cuz they're butthurt and the other six just round around calling each other vile obscenities.
  7. RaneMokeev

    New 1.4 builds?

    Banshee is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  More beautiful than the Mona Lisa, more beautiful than the first sunset of the fall, more beautiful than a twin turbo 1996 Toyota Supra--well, let's not get crazy, but it's damn beautiful. Being able to enter the DZ and not lose XP? I never...
  8. RaneMokeev

    DarkZone Still sucks

    I ain't skeered! I still go in to collect dailies and gain xp...83's rubbish; I want level 99!!! But yeah, f*ck the trolls.
  9. RaneMokeev

    How I Feel About 1.4

    That's not what she said!
  10. RaneMokeev

    How I Feel About 1.4

    Yup and yup!  But let's not talk about the First Wave Vector 45 ACP I got last night...or as I like to call it, the Airsoft Vector.
  11. RaneMokeev

    How I Feel About 1.4

    I can't wait to see what all the popular folks think (ie: the youtubers).  Personally, I think it's a damn good improvement and will leave it more or less at that.  The patch was meant to fix the foundation of the game and I think they've done that. Even as a solo player, I now feel like nothing...
  12. RaneMokeev

    How I Feel About 1.4

    :3_grin: :3_grin: :3_grin:
  13. RaneMokeev

    Is it Tuesday yet?

    *yaaaawn* *stretches* Been playing for about an hour now. Good loots lol
  14. RaneMokeev

    My Review of Battlefield 1

    That sh*t's fun when you're winning.
  15. RaneMokeev

    And it all goes silent...almost

    I'm playing BF1, yeah, but still waiting for 1.4.
  16. RaneMokeev

    Is it Tuesday yet?

    Is it Tuesday yet? How about now?
  17. RaneMokeev

    The Division Weapons - Assault Rifle Comparison (Statistics and Set-Up)

    Noooice...and a bonus? On the front page this thread shows as "The Division Weapons - Ass" ...actually thought that summed it all up pretty nicely :-D
  18. RaneMokeev


    Bahahahaha!  :15_yum: :15_yum: :15_yum:
  19. RaneMokeev


    FUUUUUUUU... #justdivisionthings