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  1. Carlos

    I've now purged the database of zero posters. You were warned.

    I've now purged the database of zero posters. You were warned.
  2. Carlos


    Welcome to TheDivisionForums.com! :)
  3. Carlos


    Welcome to TheDivisionForums.com! :)
  4. Carlos

    Division Forums

    Metadata is now done. Mobile App was done last night, but I'll use these if people don't like the black/white combo. Favicon is up, but I'm fixing that as of now.
  5. Carlos

    The Division Forums upgraded to xenForo 2.2!

    New update: Progressive Web App is now available. The images are temporary until Bobby returns, or I have a better image. I am also giving you a choice between PWA, or Tapatalk, which has been enabled since I installed the forums. Favicon is coming as of right now, so there should be some...
  6. Carlos

    You can now view the forums via PWA or Tapatalk.

    You can now view the forums via PWA or Tapatalk.
  7. Carlos

    Division Forums

    Moved to Content Bunker as originally intended. One thing though, and I'm not complaining, but white is too much for phones/social media sites. For example, metadata is for Social Media sites, most of the time you see the logo on top of a white background. So, suggestion: Orange, please. Go to...
  8. Carlos

    The Division Forums upgraded to xenForo 2.2!

    I've upgraded TheDivisionForums.com to the latest version of xenForo! I've been waiting for this update. Mostly because xenForo 2.2 brings many big updates to the software, which I think will bring a lot of improvements to posting, and in-line with what we have in the social media space (ahem...
  9. Carlos

    TheDivisionForums Copyright Notice

    To ensure that everyone understands that this site is NOT affiliated with Massive or Ubisoft, I've created a call to action notice on the footer on every page of this site. It reads the following: This thread is available just in case I need to communicate legal warnings to people or the...
  10. Carlos

    The Old TheDivisionForums looked like this...

    If you're feeling nostalgic about the site, no worries, I've screencapped the old site...
  11. Carlos

    Clan Rules

    To keep the Clan Recruitment nice and tidy, I've decided to lay out the rules that is expected in Clan Recruitment. There are only a few: - You MUST be 17 years or older to both register on this site, and post. - One Clan Thread Per Clan. Any duplicate will result in having the thread merged...
  12. Carlos

    Welcome to the new TheDivisionForums.com!

    Welcome to the new TheDivisionForums.com!
  13. Carlos

    CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. has acquired TheDivisionForums!

    Hello, ladies, and gentlemen. My name is Carlos Morales, founder and C.E.O. at CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. I have recently purchased TheDivisionForums.com! I've been eying the site for years, going all the way to when the site launched. When The Division was booming, lively with new questions...
  14. Carlos

    TheDivisionForums xenForo import thread

    Any issues, problems, errors go in here...
  15. Carlos

    I did.

    I did.
  16. Carlos

    Create a clan!

    This service is closed, and will not return. All previously created threads in those forums has been added to the archive for future references.