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  1. Glittergunner15

    PSN Help needed

    Does want to help me run some daily missions. Add glittergunner115
  2. Glittergunner15

    Xbox Live new.. looking for agents

    What system do you play on!?
  3. Glittergunner15

    Green gear, accident deconstruct

    Oh no!!! That sucks! I've totally done that before! Hopefully you'll get another one 
  4. Glittergunner15

    April Raffle Sponsored by #glittersquad!

    @C2L3W1 I'll be on sooooooon ?
  5. Glittergunner15

    April Raffle Sponsored by #glittersquad!

    Can't wait! #Glittersquad! We're also going to be carrying people through the challenge mode tonight! Message myself, @C2L3W1 or @PLZD2REAPU for an invite :) 
  6. Glittergunner15

    DZR Podcast Photo Contest

    ??? #dead #glittersquad 
  7. Glittergunner15

    Video Discussion: DZ Hacker

    Oh my goodness!!! That was crazy!!!! 
  8. Glittergunner15

    Hey everyone!

    Hahaha for sure! I'm usually on pretty late Nevada time!!!! Do you mind if I add you??
  9. Glittergunner15

    Hey everyone!

    My names Becky! I'm from NV! Looking for a good group of people to farm DZ with! I'm lVl 30 and DZ lvl 48! Hit me up if you want to game!   Must be over 18 and have a mic please :) 
  10. Glittergunner15

    Can't see waypoint guide line

    I'm so happy you posted about this. I couldn't figure out where my went!!!