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  1. ADK-Joker

    What's happening?

    I really wish they had an incoming damage log in the game menu
  2. ADK-Joker

    Balancing the Dark Zone - How would you?

    I understand the DZ concept completely and really did enjoy playing in the Dark Zone pre-patch, both solo and group. I also understand why they have set a higher DZ player bracket. what I don't understand is why they stopped after just one bracket. How the fuck am I, a gear score 199 supposed...
  3. ADK-Joker

    Balancing the Dark Zone - How would you?

    Sell the game rights to a different company and let them handle it at this point
  4. ADK-Joker

    DZ Struggles

    199 stuck with 215+ players. In a strand of about 15 minutes lost 3 keys, a 204 AUG Para, and over 15k exp/credits feels bad man
  5. ADK-Joker

    Loot Crate Weapon Skin

    May have been just a time issue. took so long for the code to actually activate. But here it is!     Scale - Fire - Loot Crate Exclusive
  6. ADK-Joker

    Loot Crate Weapon Skin

    Alas! The fields need a tending and the pigs need a feeding, but when I get time tonight I'll post a pic of the Skin, very sexy
  7. ADK-Joker

    Loot Crate Weapon Skin

    Honestly it's almost not worth fighting with Support over it. I just would really like the 'exclusiveness' of the weapon skin
  8. ADK-Joker

    Loot Crate Weapon Skin

    Anyone who purchased the April Loot crate Gaming for the Tom Clancy: The Division Weapon Skin have any issues with the code? PlayStation Store is telling me to go home (figuratively) 
  9. ADK-Joker

    High end LVOA-C

    Yea, it's very frustrating. They honestly need to baseline the Gearscore. So many points for DMG Baseline (8k+, 9k+, 10k+ and 11k+) and then points based on it's talents, Obviously the + Bonus DMG Crit/Headshot, + DMG Named Elites are more favorable than say, missing segment increase DMG...
  10. ADK-Joker

    Broken Circle later this month

    Possibly the amount of gear they have, how many drops they have received in said period of time. If someone has like 10 pieces from the Challenging Mode (Pre-patch), seems a little fishy
  11. ADK-Joker

    High end LVOA-C

    Great find! Honestly your 163 is probably going to be your main weapon for a while. (Since they butchered Crafting) I replaced my 182 BM-AK with a 182 MP5-ST AND Then replaced that with a 163 MP5-ST
  12. ADK-Joker

    Broken Circle later this month

    Ubi/Massive was supposed to take action and place bans against these players
  13. ADK-Joker

    Question on character creation

    All clothing is account based. Also once you put those Aviators on your agent, you are stuck with them until they add an Agent re-customization (if they ever do)
  14. ADK-Joker

    Best DZ boss or misson for high end mp7 drop

    I would say DZ05-06. More Named Elites to tear up, more Weapon chances Also Keyed boxes
  15. ADK-Joker

    pug this morning

    also drop from Supply Drops in the DZ
  16. ADK-Joker

    Just some questions

    You really want to hit Level 30. The hard daily missions are cake for easy Phoenix Credits. Crafting even a 182 Weapon from one of the base blueprints can really step your game up also the Gear Sets. If you haven't killed the rare spawn 'Named Elites' around the world (not in the DZ) I would...