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  1. K

    Alpha Bridge Location(s)?

    Anyone know the place to be for Alpha Bridge locations? I got one during a HVT but it was just a 214. Would love to start grabbing some of those.
  2. K

    DZ Player Bracket

    Gonna suck cause all my friends are 210 or so while I am 235. No DZ for me until they level up.
  3. K

    Underground Cache Question

    So my first couple cache's weren't great but around level 5-7 or something, I started getting higher 240/268 gear or 229 weapons. I am now level 13. My friend is level 9 and he still keeps opening 204/214 items or weapons. Is it because I am 23x with all 229 weapons (other than pistol [182]) and...
  4. K

    Dare I say it...I'm getting a bit bored

    I hear ya and I have Diablo 3. I guess I just feel that all pretense this isn't about grinding was thrown out the door for this one. 1.3 update is about embracing the grind.
  5. K

    Dare I say it...I'm getting a bit bored

    I know in the end, it is a mobile game addiction of getting the next carrot in front of you. I get that and I don't mind it. But 1.3, to me, really empathizes that rather than disguise it. Now you aren't even doing the UG missions for what you might get that run, but to level to get that next...
  6. K

    Natchai Massive Argued and Got Burned, Left the Thread

    I wouldn't be opposed to them rotating them around though. Maybe seasonally, but not monthly. 
  7. K

    Underground Intel Rewards?

    I am the best looking corpse in the DZ, bruh!
  8. K

    Still run SMG's?

    Yeah, I think I am going to swap my 229 PP-19 back out for my 204 First Wave Vector... I like the talents a lot more and it still seems to do more damage even though its DPS is less.
  9. K

    Underground Intel Rewards?

    I still wear the exact same thing. Switched up a little with the Tom Clancy clothing release but changed my hat back. Hunter Hat -> Shemegh -> Jack Ryan Jacket -> Accounting Suit -> Some type of boots... don't know.
  10. K

    Natchai Massive Argued and Got Burned, Left the Thread

    I agree with the guy... all people would do is farm the same one easiest location over and over with four characters and then give all that gear to one character. People are already doing that. I think how the item dropping is now is fine. I want something different, I play something different...
  11. K

    Dare I say it...I'm getting a bit bored

    I hear ya. I don't dislike the game but 1.3 has been extremely meh. I know the entire purpose of the game is to grind for better gear, but Underground is just so obvious that all you are doing is grinding for that gear. The entire purpose is to get that cache because nothing I have got other...
  12. K

    Still run SMG's?

    Yeah, I am trying to feel out the Enhanced PP-19.
  13. K

    Still run SMG's?

    Any of you still running SMG's since the nerf? I still have my 204 Vector because it has some great talents but I was rolling Underground with someone and he was asking me why I still use it.
  14. K

    Post your agent!

    Nice, Coopernatiion. I finally got my toughness to 405k but my DPS is still in the 100k's, not the 200k. My Skill Power did drop from 35k to 15k, though.
  15. K

    Lost my maps?

    You mean by pushing the "select" button? No... map seems to come up every time I have done it.
  16. K

    Am I missing something about Underground?

    Sorry... I was joking. Xbox humor :(
  17. K

    DPS Glitch on G36

    That is weird because I had a 204 C and Enhanced and the C had the higher DPS. But then I got a 229 Military so ditched the other two.
  18. K

    Am I missing something about Underground?

    My Xbox controller doesn't have an F button... what do I do now?? :)
  19. K


    Yeah, I am with Quinch. I have seen that website a bunch lately to get an idea on some of them and it is well done. Mistakes will always happen though, especially on newer weapons.