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  • Every time I play this game I always go visit Google Maps ... I look around Manhattan for a time but then I go "what's over here" "or over here" and soon I'm over at the Bronx or Jersey or further out where the deep suburbs are (not really New York at all) and I go to street view and two things hit me...

    1) How utterly familiar it all is!! I've seen streets like these, quiet suburbs like these in countless films or TV shows.

    2) How completely detached it all seems from the tight metropolis of Manhattan yet only being 3 or so miles away from it. It all seem so quiet, clean, nice!! Times like this I wish I could visit...maybe even live, even places like the Bronx seem nice places to live these days.  

    I kinda wanted a nice quiet session of World of Warcraft tonight but now been invited to a friends stream so playing World of Warships instead it seems (Streamed Armored Warfare last night).

    Can you send me the email address of Peter Csaki for buying the Division's  the electronic shoulder strap gadget? Thx

    Thanks and contacted Peter already. 

    I was feeling like the unsung hero last night. Underground missions on Hard and Challenging using Random match maker and I keep getting put with players who think this is CoD still ... pure tank/DPS builds, no balance. 80% of the time they were just rushing forward, tanking damage but WAY ahead of me or all split up everywhere .... there I am constantly picking them up again with triage or support stations ..*sigh*... they're running Assault missions only, hardly ever with any Directives and just blasting through in less than 5mins.

    Then I bet they complain the game is boring!

    Ahhh!! Fell through the world, twice, trying to gather the last two missing agent echos! Then get a return to safe house dead whilst on a S&D... Time to log off and come back tomorrow. 

    *Shaking head at players who still don't seem to realise the impact that passive talents have on gear items....sigh*

    Increasingly likely my clan will close its doors in a few months for the final time. Whilst this doesn't impact this game...pretty much all the other games I play on a regular basis will feel empty without me proudly holding the Wundhund insignia on my tank/aircraft/ship. Its been FIVE YEARS of service to the cause and I will be sad to see it go.

    Take a Ubisoft survey it said, we value your opinions to make The Division a better game it said, It asks my age, then says I've completed the survey! 

    Gee....thanks, I guess the opinions of someone 46 years old don't count then *cries!*

    I'll call it now, nice and early...

    The Division Part 2 (ETA Q4 2017) will be set in ....


    You will start at Fort Baker, with transport over the Golden Gate bridge to your staging area of Fort Point (or Fishermans Wharf). The game area will cover most of North Beach down to Mission Bay in the East and Golden Gate park being the Southern border (much like Central Park is the north currently). Your main base being potentially the Legion of Honor building. 

    This will present a mainly residential based game, still with shops and malls but not so many office buildings, plenty of old historic buildings as well (Safe houses?) but will give you a chance to experience the gritty decay of deep suburbia in the grips of the green death. 

    .... or not .... I am making this up you know.....

    Is this game MEANT to be Easy-Mode? Massive keep bringing changes that undermine the difficulty level of the end game Incursion and are to compound that issue by adding another Incursion of the same level but adding significantly higher level gear to the game. 

    I don't get it....are games MEANT to only last a week these days? Without difficulty, what keeps a gamers interest or satisfaction from completing something?

    Congrats on the promotion Quinch! Look at you and your shiny new veteran rank! I'm so proud of you. :57_cry:

    Haha! thank you, its just a vibrant community. Makes it easy to keep posting constructively. 

    Am I the only one who finds the despatcher in Camp Hudson oddly sexy? 

    ...no? Just me then....  :10_wink:

    Maybe I'll attract more help if I use the Discord vox system on these forums? I do log in a VERY odd times but I'd like to keep trying for co-operative play. 

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