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Recent content by Khaleesi72

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    What am i doing wrong?

    Hey thanks. Not asking to be carried tho.  Just a grp that wont quit ?
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    What am i doing wrong?

    I run Dz alot. Solo and with pugs.  Alot of drops i cant use. Ive bought 2 sentry pieces and 2 nomad alrdy.  Thanks for the input everyone. Just going to have to keep on with matchmaking until i find a grp that wont quit. ??
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    What am i doing wrong?

    I have attempted challenge modes. Failed everytime. Never stepped foot in incursion. My gearscore is 182,  i feel ive gotten so far behind from the community and with the patch coming out ill be even farther behind. Catching up will be impossible. I try and try matchmaking and like i said, i...
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    Green gear, accident deconstruct

    Oh i would have if i knew they were going to shoot up non hostiles and go rogue before we extracted. 
  5. K

    What's your initial gear score?

    174 when i logged in after the patch. 180 as of last night. 
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    Green gear, accident deconstruct

    Wow im sorry. Guess yesterday sucked for that stuff. I had a Nomad mask drop yesterday myself. I was in a pug so didnt say anything, just thinking "we need to extract, this is part of my set". Well, just my luck the pug i was in decided they wanted to go rogue before i was able to extract. Yep...
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    DZ Levels

    DZ rank and NPC lvl have nothing to do with one another. Goes by your character lvl. Not DZ rank. 
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    Dailies not coming back until 4/12/2016 (resolved and confirmed)

    It would be nice if we would get some sort of compensation for the days they didn't reset. Thats alot of PC grinding gone. Wishful thinking, i know. 
  9. K

    Upcoming update

    How about the DZ vendor,  think in DZ 2 or 3.... "Hey Stupid"
  10. K

    Named NPC's guaranteed to drop HE loot in v1.1

    Sadly ive tried challenge mode only once a few weeks ago. Didnt go so well for the pug i was in. So ive been working hard gearing up. Still not sure if im rdy. 
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    Upcoming update

    I know we are supposed to "be good" and protect civilians. But i wish we could shoot or at least slap them around some lol esp when they get snotty with you as you run by . 
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    Named NPC's guaranteed to drop HE loot in v1.1

    Yep but turn the DZ into the OK Corral at spawn points. Lol
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    100% High-End Drop Rate in Update 1.1

    This is exactly what will happen. And those complaining about crafting and the rate of HE drops will now complain of campers. And hell , why not camp? You know everyone now has a HE drop. No more guessing or wondering. We will see more rogues and grief kills going on. 
  14. K

    Viewing Agent

    Bummer. Ok ty.